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No question, money doesn’t grow on trees. Yet your legacy business software could be costing thousands. Now new cloud business software can impact both your top line, and bottom line:

  • On-Premise System Maintenance is Expensive: Legacy software requires hardware to run it, data centers to house it, electricity to power it…you get the idea.
  • Manual Processes are Slowing You Down: If your on-premise business systems keep you operating in manual workflows, you’re probably finding it hard to get ahead—let alone keep up.
  • Security and Compliance Risks: If your legacy system is no longer supported—or you’re not keeping up with system updates—what happens with your compliance requirements? If you miss a beat, skip a deadline, and fail to comply, things can get costly thanks to any number of fees and penalties.
  • Lack of data integration: Unfortunately, when decision-makers can’t quickly access all of your business data—or they can’t crunch it in just the right way, they miss out on important insights, even revenue. And that means your vendors and customers are probably missing some functionality, too.

Does this sound your like company? Register for a quick, no-obligation Software Assessment with the leading business software implementation partner in the northeast, MIBAR, and receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card*!

MIBAR can assess your existing systems, and share ideas for helping your business grow and prosper. Today and for years to come. MIBAR offers software expertise in core accounting, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence (BI), eCommerce and more.

*Qualified company decision makers only

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Our goal is that by the end of the assessment you will know whether or not it’s worth your time and resources to pursue a new business technology:

“By the time I met MIBAR, I was trying to run my business with 3 disconnected systems and lots of spreadsheets which meant; redundant processes, too many errors and even more hard work. It was draining me and my profitability. In less than 120 days, MIBAR was able to consolidate my order management, CRM, inventory and financial systems, into a unified platform, which now includes embedded B2B/B2C e-com and marketing. Just amazing ! Thank you MIBAR, your team was great and got the job done.”

Frank Riggio

CEO, Joseph Grace Brands