Salesforce Flow Migration Assessment


In a recent announcement, Salesforce has revealed that Workflow Rules and Process Builder will no longer be supported after December 31, 2025. Salesforce is urging users to migrate their automation processes to Flow Builder before the deadline to ensure uninterrupted support and access to bug fixes

    Why move to Flow?

    • Flow is a more robust tool providing more control around your automation and the ability to achieve more.
    • One place to manage your automation will make it easier on your system administrators to maintain and continue evolving the system

    What does all of this mean?

    • No new workflow rules or process builders will be able to be created after the Winter and Spring ’23 releases
    • Any updates to existing automation in these features will have to be completed in Flow.
    • Any new automation will be required to be completed in Flow.

    Citrin Cooperman can help protect your Salesforce investment and make sure you’re ready for these changes by helping you assess and manage the migration to the new Salesforce Flow routines. Don’t be caught by surprise or put your workflows at risk – we are here to help you plan your migration to Flow. 

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    Salesforce Flow Migration Timeline

    Salesforce Flow New Features

    • Scheduled paths replace scheduled actions including support for minutes
    • Sub-flows can now be called by Flow
    • Change in values can be tracked with Flow > before and after values
    • Http callout methods
    • Reactive screen components
    • Custom error messages
    • Email alerts/send email actions
    • Order of execution controls added
    • All stages aim to deliver lasting value
    • Industry specific leading practices increase speed to value for your company
    Salesforce Flow Builder

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