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Managing Your Remote Workforce for Maximum Productivity

This Spring, businesses rapidly redeployed thousands of employees to home offices in response to the pandemic. With uncertain office reopening timing, it’s not too late to consider tips for improving productivity, and even building teamwork and reinforcing corporate culture. Following is a carefully curated checklist to support organization effectiveness.


New Skills for the New Normal: A Successful Pivot

Despite the current tumult in the business world, many business leaders and employees are ready to get back to work. What do You Need in Your Pivot to Normalcy? Something we’ve discussed in recent articles including our reopening checklist, the importance of mobility...

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The Need for Mobility Doesn’t Go Away Once Lockdown Ends

Duct tape has been used as a quick fix by everyone from the average homeowner to the military to NASA as a quick fix for nearly anything. Why? Because it works. But there’s a difference between something that exists as a quick fix and something that is meant to last....

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Why Replacing Legacy Systems with a Cloud Solution is Now Mission Critical

Life moves pretty fast. Whether you stumbled upon this whitepaper while looking up how to manage a workforce in a “socially-distanced” world, or someone recommended this guide because it’s time to make a hardware or software upgrade, you’re in the right place.

Discover how the business landscape has changed, requiring a new approach to running an organization and six areas where modern cloud solutions deliver (that legacy products can’t).

Take Care of Yourself With Healthy Foods

Quercetin is an anti-oxidant found in foods. Importantly, Quercetin food sources have documented evidence of combatting inflammation.

The journey back to normal won’t be completely smooth, but with the right planning and steps, it can be less treacherous than it is for others. The right system can help you get up and running and the right partner can help you establish yourself in the new normal.

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