Proven Practices for Overcoming Today’s Labor Shortage

This Solution Brief reveals how cloud ERP technology plus seven best practices can help growing organizations go head-to-head with today’s labor shortage crisis and come out on top.

The current understaffing of U.S. businesses may cause them to lose $160 billion in annual revenue—that’s billion with a “B”. To combat a labor shortage not seen since WWII, small and medium businesses (SMBs) must take the offense by implementing the right technology and utilizing seven proven practices.

With a limited labor force and evolving employee expectations, the Solution Brief offers SMB’s these pragmatic and proven recommendations:

  1. Revitalize company culture.
  2. Boost hiring.
  3. Retain talent.
  4. Foster collaboration.
  5. Automate processes.
  6. Build partnerships.
  7. Target technology.

After comprehensively explaining each recommendation, the Solution Brief reveals how Acumatica’s easy-to-use, mobile, and collaboration-enhancing cloud ERP solution can help SMBs overcome the continuing labor shortage challenges. Download the complimentary brief today to learn more.

Download the brief now:

Beat Labor Shortage