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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Improve Decision-Making With ERP Solutions & Implementation Services From MIBAR

At, we are in the business of making your business run more smoothly, save more money, and operate more efficiently. From business intelligence to customer relationship management to enterprise resource planning, we are here to help.

For nearly three decades, we have been a stalwart in the business technology community, serving companies in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and throughout the Northeast. During this time, we have carefully selected the most technologically advanced, business-friendly solutions and have helped hundreds of organizations get up and running quickly with a robust, efficient, and cost-effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Act Smarter, Move Faster With ERP

In today’s business world, you can’t afford a slowdown. However, you also can’t hastily make decisions. Knowing this, the right ERP solution can address both these problems—getting your business away from the spreadsheet trap and giving a true view to even the least financially-savvy executive.

With multiple ERP options available and customized for your unique industry needs, you can take your business to new heights, see opportunities you didn’t know existed, and make organizational silos a thing of the past. By partnering with, you have many options including NetSuite, Acumatica, and Microsoft Dynamics GP that can handle the complexities that currently plague your business.

  • Timely, Intelligent Financial Management: Don’t underestimate the basics. Get the information you need, access the reports that matter, and make decisions with user-friendly financial management.
  • Informed Dashboards: Get the right information to the right people. Choose an ERP software that provides the right metrics at the right time, and makes it easy for even the least financially-savvy person to understand.
  • Smarter Demand Planning and Procurement: Maintain inventory levels, avoid stock-outs or surpluses, and quickly forecast reordering needs.
  • Integration: Avoid hiccups, gain a complete view of your business, and see the entire picture when making decisions with ERP software built to integrate.

Get All Your Information on the Go

You’re not tied to your desk. In fact, you may not even be tied to your office. Why should your ERP software be? When you need to make a decision, you need the information today, you need it wherever you are, and you need to access it in a way that best suits you. With ERP solutions from, you can access your data how, when, and where you need it—whether that’s in a cab, at the airport, or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Mobile Apps and Dynamics Web Apps: Access your ERP software on the go and make decisions with mobile apps from Dynamics 365, NetSuite, and Acumatica, and Dynamics GP Web Apps.
  • Business Intelligence and Dashboards: Access critical business data, like KPIs and dashboard metrics, from your mobile phone.
  • Productivity: Manage your contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do's, and more wherever you go.
  • Visibility Anywhere: Know your inventory information, connect with your customers, and see your entire business anytime and anywhere.
  • Integration: With the help of, you can even connect legacy business applications with your ERP so that you can see everything you need to see—when you need to see it.

Lock Down Your Data

Perhaps the biggest worry that plagues business leaders is this: How can you protect your data? From data corruption to external forces, you need to know your data is safe. engineers, installs, and configures Microsoft operating systems and database solutions, and works only with the most security-focused cloud vendors to ensure that your information is safe from breaches, corruption, or disaster.

When working with a MIBAR specialist, we get to know everything about your business and recommend best practices to protect your data.

  • Topology Assessment: Analyze your current infrastructure and create a plan to improve.
  • Remote Network Monitoring: Assess, maintain, and monitor event logs, performance, services, warranties, updates/patches, and more.
  • Network Protection: Lock down your data and protect it from intruders by keeping you up to date with all the latest patches.
  • Disaster Recovery: When the unthinkable happens, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you’ve lost years of information. Minimize disruption with disaster recovery.
  • Cloud Strategy: Make the move to the cloud and take solace in its security.
  • Take Control: When we learn about your business, we get to know who needs what, designing user access around what they need to see (and what they don’t).

Take Solace Knowing We’ve Seen it all Before

ERP is a complex software, and the time between decision and implementation can take quarters or even years. Knowing how complex an implementation can be, it’s important to partner with an organization who has “been there and done that.”

We understand that a healthy portion of ERP implementations fail, and even more of them fail to provide the promised business value. By working with an experienced ERP implementation partner like, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve completed hundreds of successful implementations—and saved dozens more from the edge of failure.

The MIBAR ERP Implementation Process

Through the process, we get to know everything about your business before we touch anything, so you can rest assured that the implementation will go smoothly. During our nearly three decades in business, we’ve continually improved our processes and workflows to ensure a smooth and most importantly, successful implementation.

From analysis to implementation to support, we’ve perfected the implementation process. Whether you need rapid deployment or hands-on, personalized implementation and integration, we have the people and resources to get the job done correctly on time, the first time, every time.

  • Business Analysis: Understand the road ahead, identifying project requirements and preparing necessary documentation.
  • Project Management: Lay the groundwork, knowing what you need and preparing the project resources to ensure a successful project.
  • Installation and Configuration: Get the ball rolling. Set up your new business system on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Training: Get the most out of your new system. MIBAR offers guided implementation and personalized training so that everyone is on board.
  • Ongoing Support: Don’t lose momentum. Leverage your new system for years to come with 24/7 support. Trusted ERP Implementation Partner Since 1991 is a leading implementation partner and application consultant for the NetSuite, Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Dynamics GP platforms. We’ve helped hundreds of clients throughout the Northeast to discover, select, implement, and operate their ERP software, and can help you too.

We get to know your business, your people, your processes, and your technologies so that we can recommend the best software for the job and implement it with minimal risk or downtime. If you’re ready to take control of your business with new ERP software, we’d love to help. Schedule a free consultation here.