Using ERP to Manage the Complexities of IP Licensing, Reporting and Audits

Learn how growing and mid-market companies can combine NetSuite with MIBAR’s industry-built functionalities to meet the stringent requirements of the product licensing world. 

In many cases, the success or failure of a licensing partnership is based on royalty and rights management processes that are both accurate and transparent.

Managing this process requires an enterprise software solution equipped with industry-specific functionalities. The many licensees that are still running on basic applications, spreadsheets and manual processes spend entirely too much time, energy and resources on this aspect of their business, when they should be focused on growing their companies and exploring new opportunities.

This white paper explores the key challenges that growing and mid-market companies face when licensing IP from other companies and explains how cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) can help these organizations automate their processes, save time and keep more of their profits.

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ERP Licensing