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Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Mountain States Rosen represents one of the most significant partnerships in the American lamb industry. 

A combination of B. Rosen & Sons Inc, a three generation lamb and veal processor/distributor and the Mountain States Lamb Cooperative, a producer owned cooperative representing sheep producers in fifteen states, Mountain States Rosen consolidates supply chain operations in Wyoming, Colorado and New York under one roof, from farm to fabrication, on to retailers and restaurants across the United States.


After running a highly customized Unix based computer system for several years, Mountain States Rosen acknowledged that the shortcomings of their aging system had caught up with them and that the associated business risks were too large to ignore.

Beyond the systems inherent lack of flexibility and subsequent inability to expand and keep pace as technology changed, Mountain States Rosen’s profit and security was suffering from a lack of functionality. Chief among these deficiencies were:

  • A lack of reporting, which prevented them from performing tasks as basic as sales analysis
  • An absence of accurate, real-time inventory information and supply chain visibility
  • The inability to meet HACCP, USDA and other compliance demands, due in large part to the systems inability to perform lot level traceability from cradle to the grave
  • Exporting USDA required sales information from their custom EDI solution and adding new EDI trading partners required costly customizations

In their new system, Mountain States Rosen (MSR) was looking for an integrated solution with the flexibility and scalability required to support their growth. In a solution provider, not only did they require a company with great knowledge and experience, but also a team of trusted advisors that would be able to handle all of their IT needs and be their strategic IT partner for years to come. The Microsoft Dynamics GP system deployed by met these requirements.


After thorough discovery and analysis on the front end, concluded that Dynamics GP was a good fit and met all of Mountain States Rosen’s needs.

Beyond GP’s ability to migrate data from their old system without interfering with their business processes, GP provided a fully integrated, feature rich, scalable platform. With a powerful SQL database that offered a tremendous amount of out of the box reporting, seamless EDI integration, real time inventory and financial control, and lot level, cradle to the grave traceability needed to meet HACCP and country of origin labeling requirements, Dynamics GP was the flexible system that MSR required.

Benefits successfully implemented the Dynamics GP solution with predictable results and quick time to value, a testament to their proven methodologies and established internal systems.

Through’s structured and hands on approach, and transparent and engaging project management, they ensured that all of Mountain States Rosen’s business needs had been addressed and would be met by their new system, leaving no room for surprises after implementation and training. continues to monitor all of their IT systems and networking infrastructure, handling updates, back-up, while keeping them apprised of new technological change. With MIBAR. net’s full time support staff/help desk and team of on-call consultants, MSR has been able to rely on to manage all of their IT needs, allowing MSR to focus on what they do best.

With their new Dynamics GP based solution, MSR has been able to work smarter, grow faster, and be more secure.

  • Powerful and comprehensive out of the box reporting has saved them tens of thousands of dollars annually by eliminating costly custom report generations and thousands more through the rich insight they are gaining from this actionable, easy to access information.
  • With real time inventory visibility, MSR has been able to reduce inventory carrying costs through improved forecasting, demand planning, and ultimately purchasing.
  • Lot level traceability puts them in compliance with HACCP and FDA food safety regulations.
  • And with their integrated EDI, MSR saves time by minimizing manual data entry and human error, and saves money by eliminating the high cost of adding new trading partners.

The combination of’s insightful analysis and successful implementation with the Microsoft Dynamics GP’s powerful reporting, real time inventory control, and food industry specific functionality, Mountain States Rosen has realized an ROI even they couldn’t have anticipated.

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