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Microsoft Dynamics GP

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30 Employees


Dr. Miracle’s, a leader in the ethnic personal care industry, manufactures and distributes more than 25 products under the Dr. Miracle’s Original, Dr. Miracle’s Hair Meds Collection, Dr. Miracle’s Styling Meds Collection, and Dr. Miracle’s Skin Meds Collection brands.

As a result, Dr. Miracle’s is ranked among the top 10 best sellers at national mass merchants and drug store chains.


Like most small businesses, when Dr. Miracle’s first began operating, they were using QuickBooks accounting software.

However, with the tremendous growth that Dr. Miracle’s experienced over the last few years, QuickBooks could no longer keep up with and meet the complex needs of their business. Chief among the problems caused by QuickBooks limited account features and database functionality included:

  • Extremely slow performance and long delays when using the system
  • Inability to exceed 32,000 transactions
  • Incapable of managing their growing customer and vendor lists, which had greatly exceeded the 10,000 item limit
  • Insufficient reporting

The disruption caused by QuickBooks’ delays and crashes caused Dr. Miracle’s to lose, delay, and incorrectly fulfill orders. Their inability to manage all of their transactions as well as customer and vendors lists in the system forced them to resort to manual record keeping, which left all of their data in silos and prone to errors. Without the necessary level of control and visibility they required to effectively manage their business, Dr. Miracle’s was losing profits, but most importantly, they were unable to deliver the customer experience that they aspired to.

Additionally, as a wholesale distributor that sold to big box retailers like Walmart, they were required to use EDI technology. Unfortunately, their EDI solution did not integrate with Quickbooks, which therefore required manual and duplicate data entry that created inefficiencies and caused errors. Moreover, their 3rd party EDI service provider was charging them an exorbitant amount of money, costing them upwards of $50,000 per year, for an underperforming solution.

Dr. Miracle’s required a more flexible solution, with stronger accounting functionality and more robust out of the box reporting capabilities, that would give them visibility into their inventories, could seamlessly integrate with their EDI solution, and grow with them for several years.

In their IT partner, Dr. Miracle’s waslooking for an established company with several years of industry experience, IT software expertise, and established proven methodologies, to ensure a rapid implementation that would deliver a quick time to value. They found this and more in MIBAR.net.


After thorough discovery and business process analysis, MIBAR.net recommended that Dr. Miracle’s implement a new system featuring Microsoft Dynamics GP because it is a scalable, flexible, and robust solution that offers:

  • Strong core accounting functionality
  • Rich out of the box reporting
  • Visibility into their inventories
  • Microsoft’s powerful technology foundation
  • Easy migration and import of your QuickBooks data
  • Seamless integration to 3rd party applications

With Dynamics Client for Office (DCO), Dr. Miracle’s can cost effectively extend GP data to employees who don’t need full access to the software. Beyond all of the benefits of Dynamics GP, MIBAR.net recognized the unreasonably high cost of their EDIsolution and found them a new, fully integrated EDI solution in SPS Commerce, which saves them roughly $40,000 annually!

MIBAR.net continues to monitor all of their IT systems and networking infrastructure, handling updates and back-up, while keeping them apprised of new technological change. With MIBAR.net’s full time support staff/help desk and team of on-call consultants, Dr. Miracle’s relies on MIBAR.net to manage all of their IT needs, allowing Dr. Miracle’s to focus on what they do best.


MIBAR.net successfully implemented Dr. Miracle’s new system featuring Dynamics GP with an integrated SPS Commerce EDI solution, on time and under budget, a testament to their proven methodologies and established internal systems.

With their new system, Dr. Miracle’s has been able to:

  • Save $40,000 annually on an EDI solution that also offers them greater functionality
  • Save $50,000 on DCO licensing
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Eliminate inefficiencies previously caused by their unreliable software
  • Deliver exceptional customer service through decreased lead times and improved fulfillment accuracy

The combination of MIBAR.net’s insightful analysis, successful implementation and ongoing support, with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s powerful out of the box reporting, strong core accounting capabilities, and wholesale distribution specific functionality, Dr. Miracle’s has realized an ROI even they couldn’t have anticipated.

“MIBAR.net has gone out of their way to ensure that we are fully supported at all times. We have never been unable to reach someone to get a fully researched answer/fix to whatever question/issue that had arisen. This has allowed us to not only serve our customers more efficiently, but to do so at a significant cost savings!” Kate Goldberger

IT Manager, Dr. Miracles

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