Business Intelligence Software – Webinar Announced Featuring Sabrett Hot Dogs

NEW YORK—April 17, 2019—A webinar on the subject of Business Intelligence (BI) software will present the benefits and provide a real-life example of how this solution has helped a storied manufacturer of one of New York’s most well-known brands, Sabrett Hot Dogs, to unlock the power of their business data.

MIBAR, a leading provider of technology consulting, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and business intelligence tools for midmarket organizations in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas has today announced a new webinar for businesses looking to understand the basics, key benefits, and best practices of business intelligence software.

The webinar titled Business Intelligence Made Easy–A Power BI Case Study, is scheduled for May 7, 2019, 1 PM EST. The webinar will share how Power BI extended the analytics capabilities of a Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment for Sabrett Hot Dogs. In this webinar, Gregory Natchez, CFO, will discuss his company’s move to leverage Power BI, and MIBAR’s role in helping the company:

  • Unlock new insights into sales performance, using a wide range of slicers to drill down into new levels of analysis, beyond traditional metrics to measure sales revenue, gross profit, and unit sales
  • Leverage Power BI to understand performance on a comparative basis, slicing sales data by customer, product, item class, sales rep, and much more
  • Tap into new levels of visibility beyond Excel, analyzing bigger pools of data more consistently, with role-based reporting, and importantly, a single version of truth
  • Improve reporting and decision making with a platform that is easy for senior management to operate, and detailed enough for even the most sophisticated financial users.

“At MIBAR, we believe in the power of business intelligence and its role in transforming organizations without the cost, risk, or disruption of a complete ERP replacement,” said Derek Nachimow, Power BI Practice Manager, at MIBAR. “I am excited Mr. Natchez has agreed to share his perspective and demonstrate key BI features and applications.”

Register for Business Intelligence Made Easy–A Power BI Case Study webinar here.