Every business is created for profit and profit goes with productivity.

If you are a macro manager or micromanager type of boss, your unique goal is productivity for profit. For that reason, many businesses did not embrace working from home. So, allowing employees to work from home was an apprehension of most companies believing they will be less productive because more distractions.

But for some employees working from home will be a great advantage: saving money for transportation, and food. No more worrying about mass transit, crowded trains and buses: you will enjoy zero commuting, forgetting about traffics, and can work in pajamas. You can even look decent for a Zoom meeting by just changing into a polo.

Today with the new norm, COVID has broken the fear that most of the companies were manifesting about working from home. They are forced to come up with strategies that will make the companies remain profitable as employees are even more productive from home.

After months of working from home, on the other hand many of the employees who were willing to work from home due to the aforementioned advantages, cannot wait to return back to work. They cannot wait to go back to the office.

The reason is very simple: 95 % of employees were not ready to work from home in the middle of a pandemic. 

What are the COVID conditions:

The father, the mother, or the children operating all from home at the same time. The dwelling place was not ready for the entire family to work and schooling from home. That results to of a lot of frustrations, frictions, depressions, and fatigue, and affecting the family conviviality.

Most of the time, families are working in  uncomfortable position  as they are in different places in the house  work  6 to 8 hours, in their bed, dining room, coach and even garage or basement.

Some are even working in the kitchen and are not cooking but having zoom meeting or on the PC with all the files and folders all over the place, later clear the place to make lunch or diner.

When you asked for an off day or vacation, there is no more the excitement or the change you were expecting, since your home is your office or place of work as well as your vacation environment. Vacation or taking a day off has become boring and unexciting. You seem to be in house arrest. In addition, many employees I spoke too says that since they have been working from home, they work more hours than ever because the office is at hand.

On the contrary some companies are now adopting the working from home. When the employees are disliking it. On the top of that employees are putting on weight. If we do not come quickly to normality, the work condition from home will affect going forward the entire family structure therefore the  productivity.

Incentive should be to put in place, if working from home is the way the business now is to operate.