Another year is upon us. Heck, another decade is here. With planning season coming to a close and budgets set for the coming year, it’s time to start moving from hypothetical investments to real ones. If you’re like many businesses, you may be wondering where the rest of the business world is heading. Well, you’re in luck. We recently completed a survey to answer this exact question.

Today, in anticipation of our Business Software Technology Outlook webcast and survey, we’ve compiled some early results of what’s on the horizon.

Preliminary Results Point to More Cloud, More Transformation

Throughout the winter, the Business Software Education Center surveyed hundreds of executives from across the nation to learn about the technology decisions, strategic initiatives, and plans for the coming year and decade. This simple survey brought together respondents from across industries, geographic locations, and roles and provided a variety of important takeaways:

  • Investment in Technology on the Rise: Repeating on our mid-year sentiment study, more than four in five executives expect to maintain or increase their technology investment for the coming year, with 55% planning on an increased investment.
  • Companies are Valiantly Progressing through Digital Transformation: Digital transformation is a complex journey. Though many experience pitfalls, a majority of organizations have made strides in the past year and will continue to forge ahead in 2020. Knowing this, one in five haven’t started, putting them at a serious disadvantage against those who have taken steps.
  • Companies Exploring a Diverse Range of Software Products: Respondents to the outlook survey were incredibly candid about their software initiatives, providing us with a wide range of answers when asked about their specific investments for the coming year. From the necessary update to Windows 10 to the implementation of finance and ERP solutions, the technology landscape looks to be increasingly diverse in the coming years.