Business software and information technology are changing rapidly, and so is the terminology used by business professionals, software and IT professionals.

So MIBAR researched and developed a comprehensive Business Software & Information Technology Glossary of Terms.

Next we used the Google Algorithm to identify keyword search volume of these terms which leads to the Top 10 Software Technology Buzzwords of 2019, that every business professional should know and understand.

Top 10 Software Technology Buzzwords of 2019

1. Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network or VPN ranks first in the list of Top Tech Buzzwords of 2019 with 550,000 average monthly searches on Google. A VPN allows users to connect to a private network from anywhere for added security. Instead of using the public network, which comes with a heightened security risk, employees can connect to your private network with the same security as if they were in the office.


With 450,000 average monthly searches on Google, HTTPS ranks second on our list of top buzzwords. HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure which provides security services for transaction confidentiality, authenticity and integrity between HTTP servers and clients for web browsers, and can be seen in the domain line of a website. HTTPS is now a search engine ranking factor.

3. Portal

As many use Portals daily, keyword search volume is high with 368,000 monthly Google searches. Ranked 3rd, a Portal is simply a website or web page providing access or links to other sites.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a hot topic, and so is keyword search volume at more than 200,000 monthly to rank 4 on the Top 10 Tech buzzwords list. AI is typically software that is capable of intelligent behavior. In creating intelligent software, this involves simulating a number of capabilities, including reasoning, learning, problem solving, perception, knowledge representation.

5. Virtual Reality

Ranked 5, Virtual Reality or VR is also hot topic, and so is keyword search volume at nearly 200,000 monthly. VR is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment.

6. Analytics

Analytics ranks 6 in our Top 10 Buzzwords list with 165,000 average Google search each month. Analytics has emerged as a catch-all term for a variety of different business intelligence (BI) – and application-related initiatives. For some, it is the process of analyzing information from a particular domain, such as website analytics. For others, it is applying the breadth of BI capabilities to a specific content area (for example, sales, service, supply chain). In particular, BI vendors use the “analytics” moniker to differentiate their products from the competition. Increasingly, “analytics” is used to describe statistical and mathematical data analysis that clusters, segments, scores and predicts what scenarios are most likely to happen. Whatever the use cases, “analytics” has moved deeper into the business vernacular. Analytics has garnered a burgeoning interest from business and IT professionals looking to exploit huge mounds of internally generated and externally available data.

7. Integration

Integration ties with Lean (below) for position 7/8 in the Top 10 Buzzwords of 2019, with 135,000 searches per month on Google. Integration is simply the combining of software parts into one system.

8. Lean

Lean ties Integration (above) for 7/8 position in the Top 10 Buzzwords with an average 135,000 searches each month. Lean is defined as the creating greater value for the consumer while using fewer resources. A related term, Lean Enterprise is the extended supply chain responsible for effectively satisfying customer requirements using a minimum of resources.

9. Dashboard(s)

Making the Top 10 Technology Buzzwords for 2019 is Dashboard, an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of a business, department or specific process. They are customizable to meet the specific needs of a department and company.

10. Intranet

Rounding out the Top 10 technology Buzzwords for 2019 is Intranet, with 110,000 monthly searches on Google. A Intranet is simply a private network that can only be accessed by authorized users.

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