Training end users is an important part of a successful implementation.  Investing in your employees is as important as the investment in your new software – without proper training, costly mistakes could be made and productivity will go down.

Implementing NetSuite is a significant change in operations and procedures for an accounting department, supply chain, and other areas of your company. At, my experience has taught me to believe that the training should not be generic, but be customized to match the way you do business. Careful planning for the training of employees will help integrate them into NetSuite and build their comfort level, understanding, and confidence.

Each department and function should receive their own training in several sessions while they are performing their regular tasks so they can apply what they are learning and ask questions as they go through their everyday processes. Using your company’s terminology and procedures should be incorporated into user training sessions. Repeating the process and building upon previous steps will also help employees to learn and apply their new knowledge.

At, we work with all levels of employees to ensure are properly trained in NetSuite by covering all aspects of individual functions such as accounts payable and receivable, as well as how different departments integrate with each other in NetSuite. This will ensure a smooth transition and more efficient work environment in the long term.

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