A couple months ago I was invited to a NetSuite Partner conference. This was my first partner conference I was attending so I was excited to see what I’d learn. The point of the conference was to network, share ideas, and learn ways to sell against their competitors. As the session went on, I was learning a lot about NetSuite and how their platform is evolving and becoming better each day. The section we spent the most time on was “NetSuite competitors”. We discussed the pros and cons of each NetSuite competitor and how NetSuite can win each deal.

We went through competitors such as Infor, SAP, Microsoft, Workday, Salesforce and many more. All names I was familiar with and understood why they were NetSuite competitors. After about an hour and a half of discussing competitors, the speaker then asked, “does anyone have any questions about our competitors?” That’s when a member of the audience raised their hand and asked “Can we talk more about this Acumatica company? They’ve been popping up a lot and I’ve been losing business to them”. That’s when 5-6 other people from the crowd expressed their agreement about Acumatica with a couple of people asking why Acumatica wasn’t mentioned as a competitor in the presentation.

I found it very interesting that Acumatica is starting to make an impact on huge organizations and people are starting to notice the significance of Acumatica and how good their platform is. The audience wanted to learn more about Acumatica and asked the speaker to summarize the platform for them. The speaker went on by telling the strengths of Acumatica’s platform by saying how Acumatica is natively design in the cloud with a unique pricing structure that caught a lot of people’s attention. The speaker went on by saying the way Acumatica charges its customers isn’t by per user like most big companies, but rather they charge by how much horsepower/transactions the customer is using instead. We went on to discuss the flexible deployment options Acumatica offers and how it’s built on the Microsoft technology stack which has great API’s to integrate with other systems. With a quick two-minute summary on Acumatica from the speaker, I looked around the room and saw many people impressed with what they’ve heard.

It was fascinating to see after spending 90 minutes talking about the world’s biggest & best-known software names in the game that the people in the audience were most intrigued by this company called “Acumatica” and how they’re making their name known. Acumatica has only been around for a decade and is already disrupting the industry. It’s going to be interesting to see what Acumatica will stir up in the next decade.

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