In the beginning of this year, I attended my first NetSuite partner conference to learn more about NetSuite products and our competitors. The one thing that stood out to me was when we were discussing NetSuite’s competitors, Acumatica didn’t come up at all until someone from the audience raised their hand asking to learn more about Acumatica because they’ve been seeing them more often and have been losing business to them. This caught my eye because as an Acumatica partner, it made me realize how fundamentally structured Acumatica’s platform is if NetSuite partners are losing business to a company whose name presence isn’t as big as NetSuite’s at the current moment.

Fast forward to 8 months later, I attended my second NetSuite partner conference to learn about the new updates NetSuite has implemented and to learn about any new competitors that have emerged in the market. The meeting started off the same as last time, we went through NetSuite competitors such as Infor, SAP, Microsoft, Workday, Salesforce and many more. At this point of the conference last time, the instructor would open the floor up for questions. However, this time was a bit different. 

NetSuite had a separate section solely for Acumatica. When this section came up, the instructor took a more serious approach and made sure he had everyone’s attention in the audience. This stood out to me because he didn’t do this for any other parts of the presentation. Once he had the audience’s attention, the instructor went on by saying that Acumatica has been coming up as a competitor on most of our deals. He said that Acumatica has a very well thought out approach to compete with NetSuite and therefore is now being categorized as one of NetSuite’s top competitor. Top NetSuite employees that were in the room expressed if you have any insights on Acumatica and how to compete with them, please share with the group.

I found it very interesting that within just 8 months, Acumatica went from not being mentioned in the NetSuite presentation to then being the “main event” of the conference. Everyone who was in the room started to express how well thought out Acumatica’s approach is to compete with NetSuite. People from the crowd were saying how Acumatica really thought of every way to compete with NetSuite. Unlike 30 years ago, technology is growing so rapidly these days that you cannot sleep on your competition. A couple months can go by and a no name company then can be one of your top competitors now. Like I said in my last blog, Acumatica has only been around for a decade and it will be very interesting to see where Acumatica stands at the end of this decade.

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