Dashboards. Business intelligence. Workflow management. Low-code or no-code applications. Big terms used over the past three to five years. In theory, these are straightforward—connect information and provide insights, speed up formerly disparate workflows, and build solutions without relying exclusively on a coder.

The Many Benefits of the User-Friendly Power Platform

In practice, easy to use tools for analysis, automation, or development provides benefits for both the users and the business.

From Theory to Action: How Companies Like Yours Are Leveraging the Power Platform

But like many decision makers, you already understand the value of speed, accuracy, and availability of information—you want to hear more about how to make this a reality.

That’s why today, we’re going to show you how real companies have made use of the Power BI solution and offer you an opportunity to hear even more from our customers who made the move to Power BI in our recent webinar.

Wildlife Trading Company Sees the Entire Picture with Power BI for NetSuite

With dozens of locations across the United States, Wildlife Trading Company is a leading retail operations partner for some of the most prestigious zoos, aquariums, museums, botanic gardens, and more. However, when they needed to connect the information they had prior to a NetSuite implementation with the data generated after the move, they turned to MIBAR and Power BI.

Working with the Wildlife Trading Company team, we built them a customized flash sales report that helped them understand trends, sales data, and more, comparing this with historical periods and using it for deeper understanding. Learn more about how we helped them here.

Kayco Unlocks Real Time Business Insights

A leader in the specialty foods market since 1948, family-owned Kayco maintains a commitment to product innovation, one-stop shop distribution, and customer support. Running a large portfolio of Kosher and lifestyle products found in more than 30 countries, the company had begun to see limitations of an Excel-only analytics strategy.

In turn, staff located across the globe lacked real time and in-depth access to performance metrics they needed to see, and after working with MIBAR to implement ERP and CRM in the early 2000s, they wanted to give users even more information as they progressed through the mid-2010s and beyond.

In less than 100 hours, MIBAR built an interactive, customized, and remarkably user-friendly reporting environment to provide Kayco’s users 24/7, cross-device and real-time access to their data. Get to know more about this company’s journey here.

AP&G Catches More Shipping Errors and Escapes the Excel Trap

An innovator in its field, AP&G (formerly Atlantic Paste & Glue) manufactures a variety of pest control products for customers in a variety of industries.  A company who literally built a better mousetrap, when they needed a solution to track inventory, reduce shipping and production errors, and gain visibility into their business, they turned to MIBAR.

Before turning to MIBAR for a Power BI implementation, AP&G users were forced to download multiple detail reports and manually create inventory reports by hand-keying information into Excel. With the help of MIBAR, AP&G was able to gain better visibility into employee hours, logistics, defects, and more—getting from reactive to proactive and improving customer service. Learn more about how MIBAR delivered for them here.

It Doesn’t Stop There: October Webinar to Discuss Modern Business Analytics For the New Economy

If you were to look at our case studies page, you’d notice that these are only three of the companies that the MIBAR team has put in control with Power BI and other Power Platform products.

From reducing storage costs using Microsoft Power Automate to connect Dynamics 365 and SharePoint or helping a terminal management company provide better service with PowerApps, we’ve worked with a variety of businesses to make these flexible products work.

Power BI: Modern Business Analytics for the New Economy

No matter where you stand in the organization, it’s always valuable to have a clear picture of how the business works. Power BI is not only user friendly (made easier if you don’t have to set up the product alone), it’s robust—especially considering its low price tag.

If you’re looking to learn more about using this solution, we invite you to join us at Power BI: Modern Business Analytics for the New Economy, a webcast featuring customers and panelists ready to point out just how much the solution works to deliver. Learn how MIBAR develops compelling dashboards with Power BI using a range of analytical and visualization techniques. This is a great webinar for CFO’s, CEO’s and Sales Leaders.

Click here to watch now.