Having flights to manage, financial reports to prepare, and workflow to oversee but can’t get a fitting solution for all these? Taking off on the runway to digital transformation will help you perform all these successfully.


It offers a host of functions that helps you execute these tasks efficiently. Consequently, you can operate your business more effectively and improve its performance.

Why Does Digital Transformation for Airports Matter?

Airports face numerous challenges that stop them from seizing opportunities that would see them thrive. This means with the right solution and tools; you can operate your airport business smoothly and scale it.

So why is digital transformation necessary for airport business?


One of the main tasks in airports is to manage the infrastructure. This cannot be achieved without a robust system, such as, when dealing with billing or accounting systems that need upgrading.

In such cases, you encounter numerous challenges, but you can perform this easier and faster with digital transformation. Moreover, the process is unified to ensure accuracy in all your data.

Business Risks

The integration of remote and hybrid workforce has posed cybersecurity issues in the airport business. And this leaves most businesses vulnerable to compromised data and fraud.

Digital transformation is meeting the need of the hour as it focuses on keeping all your data secure. It also ensures there’s no unauthorized third party access to your business information.

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Business growth leads to expansion of transaction data which may be incompatible with your past solution. For instance, if you’ve been relying on paperwork to execute most of your operations, you may need an alternative.

Although such traditional approaches may meet some of your needs, they will limit your expansion. As a result, you need digital transformation to help you run your business efficiently as you continue to expand.


The aviation industry requires standardization and that’s why you need a solution that will cater for such needs. Whether financial or administrative, you need a premium system that can address all areas.

Digital transformation allows you an entire host of functionality to manage your business efficiently and also personalize it to get the desired results.

Industry-Specific Application

While you no longer want to see your staff struggling with a stack of papers, it’s essential to identify whether the solution you get fits your business. The system should address all the airport requirements.

Digital transformation presents incredible flexibility that enables it to meet all your industry’s needs. So, whether you want to realize exceptional staff management, reporting, or to ensure a smooth workflow, this strategy can help you accomplish this.

Terminal Management

Efficient terminal management leads to high profitability, but you can’t accomplish it with traditional methods. Thanks to digital transformation it offers you billing applications that help you do accurate billing.

You also get to monitor and control your budget, minimizing costs while accomplishing more in your operations. This helps you increase your profitability and ROI.


Managing an airport terminal requires you to achieve more with fewer resources. This can be challenging without optimum visibility and other valuable tools.

But thanks to digital transformation, it allows you to manage different aspects like messaging and workflow. You can also integrate the business application to optimize functionality.

Implementing Digital Transformation in Your Airport

Implementing a digital transformation strategy should not be a time-consuming process that will bring your operations to a halt. You need a solution that can easily integrate all the elements of your business for efficient management.

So, how can you bring digital transformation to your business?

Step 1. Get a Flexible Solution

Digital transformation solutions like NetSuite offers you the ultimate solution with an excellent feature combination aimed to meet all your needs.

This solution runs on any device regardless of size, for instance, on Android and iPhone. In addition, you can use different browsers to work with it such as Chrome and Firefox browsers to allow run your business anytime, anywhere.

You can also monitor different processes on the go to assess our workers’ performance. That’s how visible your business becomes with this digital transformation.

Step 2. Customize the Solution

Again, you don’t want a digital transformation strategy that you cannot personalize. Thanks to this solution, you can customize elements such as your reminders which may include workflows and process transactions presented in different ways.

This strategy also offers you a setup function where you can see the KPI, KPI scores and even create custom KPIs. Consequently, you can measure the success of your programs or projects.

Step 3. Optimize Visibility

Digital transformation gives you a multidimensional view of your financials across all periods. This helps you to make viable decisions when implementing projects.

The software also comes with financial report writing tools that you can leverage for accuracy and efficiency.

Step 4. Initiate Efficient Operation and Communication

NetSuite introduces a dynamic functionality that allows you to process transactions easily. Moreover, you can get all the analysis and you don’t have to waste time configuring all this data.

If you are wondering what impact your communications will get, digital transformation helps you become more effective. How?

You can notify internal and external users concerning ongoing processes or what’s about to take place. This solution also allows you to integrate it with other tools for easy management within the application.

Step 5. Manage Contract Escalation

NetSuite can help you achieve contract escalation as it enhances reporting data and integration, optimizing performance in your business.

In addition, you enjoy the automation that dynamically escalates the contracts even when there are significant changes.

You can also utilize the contract dating feature that helps you give the start and end dates of a project as you monitor the progress.

Achieve Digital Transformation With Terminal Management for NetSuite

Without an effective digital transformation strategy, it will be an uphill battle to run airport business efficiently. Thanks to NetSuite, you get to leverage multiple features to realize optimum performance and profitability.

Able to be implemented within three to six months, MIBAR’s Terminal Management for NetSuite was specifically designed with the airport terminal manager in mind. We spent three years developing this industry-specific extension of NetSuite’s ERP that delivers a unified experience for terminal managers.

Terminal Management for NetSuite ties together financial reporting, budgeting, operational execution, contracts, and contract management, delivering both customer and vendor portals to simplify requests and invoices. Leveraging the NetSuite workflow engine, the terminal management platform, Terminal Management for NetSuite eliminates the friction caused by paperwork, silos, and spreadsheets.

This product is able to improve operational efficiency by up to 30%, incorporating contract escalation processes, third-party application extensions for workflows and various other customized elements that an airport terminal manager may need.

By automatically identifying missed invoicing opportunities and/or incorrect invoices, the platform also helps terminal managers recapture revenues that their manual systems may have overlooked.

In return, those managers gain from improved cashflow, improved billing cycles, better accuracy, and labor reductions.

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