This year, I had the unique opportunity to attend my first SuiteWorld – NetSuite’s annual convergence of partners, customers and developers. Despite having an idea of what was planned, I didn’t know what to expect. Would this be a series of ho-hum keynote speeches toting company ra ra. If that’s the case, I’d just a soon stay home and finish my work on SuiteGL plugins or figure out how my make my Advanced PDFs perform to my customer’s latest request. They’ve never actually unlocked the ball and chain that keeps me at my desk, so this was going to be my first venture at a conference of this size!  Was I going to get some real content here? Was I going to hear what was happening with this amazing product? What?…Another keynote!?!  What did I get myself into?

I’m kidding, course – these keynotes were amazing. I had the opportunity to hear Jim McGeever deliver the mission statement that “Next Starts Now” (and the darn rap the DJ did at the opening still beats in my head). He spoke of where NetSuite was headed and what to expect going forward. He gave us a few tidbits about what was to come in the next few days and got everyone on the edge of their seat with some amazing theatrics.

Next, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. Meet the new boss! I was amazed, almost asked for an autograph.  His ability to reach his audience was profound. He delivered Oracle’s plan for NetSuite. He was clear, concise and confident. I got the feeling that I just got a new big brother – he’s a senior, plays football and has lots of cash!  Oracle’s resources will build the NetSuite product both globally while keeping it on top domestically. We have nowhere to go but up.

OK, OK – but what about the good stuff?!  Where was the guy or gal that was going to help me develop this product? Who here in this grand city called Las Vegas was going to help Robert Minerva overcome his next development hurdle. And then, I found it!  They called it Dev Land.  I called it Nirvana.

As it happens, saying there are developers here is not a tow line – it is true. Dev Land was filled with developers, product managers and instructors. They have breakout sessions where they do short product intros to whet your appetite and give you a preview of what’s to come. You interact with your peers, people who develop the product, are well versed in script as me and know my pain. I was like a kid in a candy store. Home sweet home.

I don’t think I left DevLand the entire time. I got to meet the class instructor who first taught me SuiteFlow all those years ago. He claimed to remember me. I was flattered…I think.

I spoke to the product manager for SuiteScript 2.0 and committed to joining a unique group of users coding in SuiteScript 2.0 so we can share ideas and even collaborate. What a thought! Turns out, we’re not alone out there.

Lastly I spoke with the product manager who was in charge of the documentation of SuiteScript 2.0, which, if you read my last article, you would know I wasn’t entirely pleased with. I got to speak with the person who was creating the help, told her my issues first hand and got reassurance that it would be dealt with. Wow, I was helping people to avoid the issues I had.

I spoke to customers and heard first hand an accountants views of the financial reporting system and had a frank discussion of what was missing.

I would have to say, the people I met were by far the most interesting part of this trip. Not only did I get to rub elbows with the Big Wigs – you know these guys, dark blue blazer, light blue plaid shirt, blue jeans worth more than my whole wardrobe, who knew there was a dress code – but I got to speak to fellow developers, talked shop, and got a true view of the future of our amazing product.

NetSuite did an amazing job putting this together. I may not be the CEO, head of Sales or Marketing but this conference truly has something for everyone. It has events to attract the customers, partners and developers. Further, it beats staying home and hacking out SuiteScript. I returned with a new plan, some fresh ideas and plenty of great contacts. I hope I can return to this event – who knows what next year holds!

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