As a MIBAR consultant I have the privilege of training staff in the NetSuite environment and this is a role that I enjoy very much.  Training is an important part to the implementation as it involves your staff and their buy in to the new software.  To be an effective trainer there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Who is your audience – what are their roles? Think about how the end user will need to use the system and that will help you plan your sessions.
  2. What is your objective? Have a precise plan of what you want to accomplish in each session. If the audience is smaller its very easy to tailor your session to their needs.
  3. How do keep the audience interested and involved? I try to keep my presentation short and get the end user involved very quickly.
  4. Be flexible – everyone learns at a different pace and be willing and able to change gears.This also is important when gauging how much the end user actually wants to learn or participate.
  5. Be available to them after the sessions are complete. They need to know that you will be available to help them when they need assistance whether it’s while they are practicing on their own or during Go Live.

We partner with our clients throughout the implementation process and one of the final steps is to make sure that the staff is trained and ready to work in NetSuite once the system goes live.

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