Anyone actively shopping for a new CRM software solution (or working in the CRM software industry) is probably aware of the ongoing battle between (SFDC) and Microsoft CRM – both companies are vying for “King Of The CRM Marketplace” status. And while we strongly believe that the Microsoft CRM product is the stronger of the two products – not surprising to hear from a Microsoft CRM Partner – both products have their strengths and weaknesses.

However, SFDC recently released a document entitled “Top 25 Advantages of Over Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” – as the title implies, Salesforce compares their product with Microsoft CRM and highlights 25 ways that SFDC excels. Unfortunately, as I read the document point by point, I kept thinking to myself that many of their claims simply weren’t true – this was a misleading document!

Now don’t get me wrong – there are definitely things about SFDC that are better than Microsoft. However, I find that most of these strengths are in their incredible ability to market their product and create buzz – but not the actual product itself. Before I go into more detail on this document, I’d like to highlight a statistic that bolsters my argument that SFDC is a marketing driven company, not product driven. In the quarter ending January 31st, 2011, only 15% of SFDC’s operating expenses went to Research & Development (R&D) – compare that with Microsoft’s 34%. So, while SFDC definitely has the edge on Microsoft when it comes to marketing its product (sorry to all my marketing friends at Microsoft), Microsoft definitely has the edge when it comes to product. And when it comes to CRM software, I’d rather spend my money on R&D over Marketing.

With that being said, I invite you to check out the SFDC document on the “Top 25 Advantages of Over Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” – as well as Microsoft’s response, written by Brad Wilson, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group.

SFDC document, with Microsoft response: “Top 25 Advantages of Over Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011”

Brad Wilson’s blog response, “Why Is So Worried About Microsoft”

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