When getting error: Product 1235 does not support upgrading from version xx.xx.xxxx.

SafePay in Microsoft Dynamics GP is used to reduce fraud on checks. However, the installation of SafePay may not be that simple so we will share some tips below.

One of our customers running Dynamics GP 2016 decided to use SafePay. Piece of cake I believed, since SafePay installation and activation on the company should take me about 20 minutes.

What I was considering to be a piece of cake became a daymare.

After the installation, I started getting a strange error that I was not expecting when I launched Dynamics GP:

Product 1235 does not support upgrading from version 16.00.0406

However, I wasn’t trying to upgrade. I was just installing SafePay that I believed was never installed because the client had never used it.

Here I am running out of time with the customer waiting to go back to the system. Unfortunately, with this error, Dynamics GP just got crippled and nobody can use it. The SafePay installation became unsafe. This need to be fixed ASAP – the client relies on Dynamics GP and tomorrow they would be working on payroll.

I searched for error across the website. I came across a Microsoft KnowledgeBase article talking about upgrade error for Dynamics Online Services module / Product 6499 when performing an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. However:

  1. I am not doing an upgrade 
  2. The product is not Dynamics Online Service / 6499
  3. I am not on GP 2010 or 2013 .

This case does not apply to my issue. What other option do I have in this case? None so far.

The client was still waiting and I have been attempting to solve for about an hour and a half since contacting the client.

I was thinking about reversing everything back. That will require changing the dynamics.set file to restore the databases. However, the customer still needs SafePay to be installed and enabled.

Then, I remembered that I was the one who did the upgrade. During the process I did not install SafePay because it was not part of the project. Since the upgrade was from GP version 10 to GP version 2016 . I assumed that SafePay was installed on GP version 10. And I was not aware of it . So the tables of SafePay were carried over during the upgrade process as Dynamics GP 10 tables.

I decided to use the script in the aforementioned knowledge base article. However, it had to be modified to be applied to my issue by following this resolution procedure.:

  1. Make sure to have backups of the DYNAMICS and all company databases for Microsoft
  2. Run the following scripts against the DYNAMICS or system database:

Delete DYNAMICS..DU000020 where PRODID = 1235
Delete DYNAMICS..DU000030 where PRODID = 1235

After that the error went away I was able to enable safely, SafePay.

For best practice do not install any component that the client will not use, otherwise in the future it may become a big problem.

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