Between the initial budget creation, revisions, and final approval, the budget creation process can be quite a time consuming process.  Once you have finalized your numbers, you may want to secure this information by password protecting your budget.

Dynamics GP allows you to Protect budget numbers by Locking the Budget.  This can be accomplished by clicking the padlock icon next to your budget ID

Budget Maintenance Dynamics GP 2013

Once you click this icon, the  window will appear where you can specify, then confirm a password to secure your budget.

Budget Password Setup Dynamics GP

The password can provide another layer of security in addition to standard GP security.

This will protect your budget in scenarios such as:

  • Someone with the authority to access budgets walks away from their machine while the budget maintenance window open
  • Someone with the authority to access budgets allows another user to work on their machine

In either scenario, the password associated with your budget will prevent the second user from making any changes to your budget.

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