Entering payroll might be one of the most time consuming tasks you need to perform.  If you take advantage of Payroll Connect in GP, you can process your payroll in a few minutes with the click of a button, reviewing an edit list, and posting your payroll batch.

Before you can take advantage of this feature, you should work with your payroll representative to complete the following tasks:

-Obtain the correct file structure for the import file.

-In the ADP product, set up the same account framework as in GP.

-The format used in the ADP tool must contain 10 fields. Even though all 10 fields are not used by GP, they must still exist.

-The file should be comma delimited

-Each field should have quotes around it. Open the file with Notepad to confirm.

The following table describes the 10 fields needed in the ADP Payroll Connect import file.

Client Code
General Ledger Account Number
Journal Code
Reference Number 1
Reference Number 2
Reference Number 3
Record Code

Some of these fields are not used by GP. These fields can either be blank or have a fixed value, but they must still exist.

When you have finish ironing out these details with your payroll company, they will send you a file that can be imported into GP.  This is completed in the  Import From ADP window

Import from ADP Dynamics GP

Click the process button to create your payroll batch.  Your next step is to recall your batch.  This is done by opening the Batch Entry window.

Batch Entry Dynamics GP 2010

We suggest you print an edit list to review your batch for accuracy.  Once your satisfied with the contents of your batch, post the batch.

As you can see, a process that would take you several hours can be completed in a few minutes. This will increase your productivity and increase the bottom line of your organization.

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