Acumatica AP Prepayment Explained

What is the difference between Prepayment created from the Bills and Adjustments screen and the Prepayment created from the Checks and Payments Screen? I am confused as to why a prepayment generated from Bills and Adjustments screen has no related journal entries....

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How to Send Item Quantity Data to Amazon Using AWS

In this blog post, I will try to cover how to send item quantity data to Amazon and parse the results from Amazon using AWS. We used C# with Amazon SDK leveraging AWS. Scenario: We get the list of items that had change in available qty within the last hour. The data...

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PowerApps Forever Changing the Game at Work

Whether its targeted ads popping up on Instagram or that expense management app you use when you have to submit a gas receipt for the company rental, mobile applications directly influence our daily decision-making and have transformed how we access and digest our...

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Creating Expense Report Policies in NetSuite

Travel and Expense policies manage how employees spend company money on travel and other relevant expenses.  A good expense policy sets up the rules that need to be followed.  The NetSuite 2020.2 New Release now provides you with the tools so that you can define and...

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