How Do I Create My Relationship With Customers?

We all know the important of creating a strong relationship with customers. In fact it is a key for any business to be successful. I believe for that reason Bart always said, “You must give more than your best for our customers.” The least that the customer can...

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Why the Cloud Helps ERP Grow with You

Do you want to grow your business? Of course. It’s only natural that you hope your business does better this year than it did the last year. The decision to implement or upgrade ERP often facilitates this growth, allowing users to shift their focus from low-value...

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Advanced PDF Tips and Tricks: Part 3

How to do Math on Sourced Values in Advanced Pdf Recently I had a requirement to print a remaining to be shipped qty on a pick ticket. I know, you’re thinking that sounds a lot like qty backordered. I would agree with you but this user tends to ship uncommitted items...

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Seeing NetSuite for the First Time

When users have been using the same system for 5+ years it can be a scary transition when they come into work one day to see a completely new system start to take its place. Suddenly, they are taken out of their comfort zone and put in a position to relearn how to do...

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