The Last Mile of Technology

In our never ending quest for immediacy and instant gratification, we have, as a society, lost patience in waiting. People are upset when you send an email and they don't receive a reply in 2 minutes. Pharmacies now send medicines to patients in advance of the...

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Benefits of Acumatica Sub Accounts Feature

Is your ERP chart of accounts span across pages and pages of paper? Do you need to create a separate account for every category of things you need to track in your General Ledger? Do you have to create a separate General Ledger account for each product line that you...

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Microsoft Windows Patch Management

Patch Management is the process of scanning, detecting, downloading, and deploying various patches for the Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Patching your operating system is crucially important to protect yourself from security vulnerabilities, obtain new...

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Credit Memo Workaround

There are situations in an implementation where the abilities of software is limited. Every business operates uniquely so the “out of the box” functionality might not entirely cover the requirement. A VAR like can architect, troubleshoot, and build...

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Scenario: Review Negative Inventory by Bin

NetSuite currently provides reports based on ‘negative stock by location’ and it doesn’t include bin even though bin is enabled in company settings as shown below. Currently NetSuite report or view is as shown below, and it doesn’t include bin. As explained above, the...

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