Going Back to Work

I left my house with my supply of masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes and got into my car.  Today is not like every other day since March 16th (almost 3.5 months ago).  This day instead of taking my computer and my paperwork and taking the 15 step...

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Vendor Prepayments in NetSuite

There are times when you need to send out a deposit on a purchase order before the vendor will ship out the product or provide services.  How do you do this in NetSuite when you haven’t received a bill yet?  Do you write a check and credit cash and debit...

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Goals – Why we all Need Them

It seems that when reading a periodical or listening to a podcast you will inevitably hear successful people discuss the importance of goals. Depending on the source, you will hear about Life Goals, Health Goals (weight-loss, fineness), Financial Goals, Family and...

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Microsoft Azure IaaS: About and Real-World Scenario

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud hosted infrastructure in which the hardware is managed and maintained by Microsoft in their datacenters.  Microsoft has 8 Azure datacenters in the United States and others located around the world!  Azure...

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NetSuite Custom Records Showcase

A Cloud ERP solution that stands above its competitors adapts to the evolving demands of their users. When you look at the top ERP solutions, you’ll see common necessary record types such as customers, items, transactions, etc. However, most fail to provide the...

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