SuiteAnalytics Workbook provides an alternative to saved searches and reports.  Workbook combines reporting, searching and charting in a single tool – no need to export the data into excel.  The advantage of Workbook is that users do not have to have high levels of technical training to use this tool and get the answers they need.  The workbook tool is easy, fast and powerful and can be used to analyze all of NetSuite’s record types.

NetSuite recently updated the workbook feature to enhance some features. One of the key changes is that they have separated the datasets from the workbook.  This allows users to pull from the same dataset but customize the workbook to their needs.  This saves time since the user will not have to set up a new dataset for every workbook and it maintains data integrity.  NetSuite comes with several datasets already created.  These datasets cannot be changed but you can create a copy and make changes or create one of your own.

NetSuite Dataset Copy

NetSuite also provides predefined workbook templates for common industries.  Currently there are over 20 workbook templates available that can be customized to meet your business needs, or you can create a new one from scratch.  Workbook is more robust and less restrictive than saved searches or reports. 

NetSuite Predefined Workbook Templates

Fields can easily be dragged and dropped into the layout section to change the parameters of the table or chart as the template below shows.

NetSuite Workbook Layout

Workbooks can have multiples pages just as datasets can have multiple workbooks.  They can be saved and shared but cannot be modified. If the workbook is shared with another employee, that person cannot re-share it with someone else and would need to make a copy of it in order to make changes or share.  Workbook charts or pivots can now be place on the dashboard as well.

NetSuite Workbooks on Dashboard

Workbook provides many useful tools and features that make it easy to set up for many industries. This can help save you time and expense when setting up your reporting needs in NetSuite.

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