Scenario: A company has setup items with bins and expects all inventory related transactions to have valid bin associated with the stock movement.

NetSuite inventory transactions bins

While NetSuite enforces bin for most transactions, some of them are not fully enforced or not enforced at all.

In this blog post we will show how to handle those inventory transactions that have items without bins, but it should have been there.

Plan: Create a scheduled script that consumes a saved search output and update inventory detail for those line items of a transaction that have null value for inventory detail.

  1. Build saved search that fetches inventory transactions within the last business day (or business hour) where inventory detail is for an inventory item is blank or null.
  2. Let the results of saved search show the internal ID of the transaction, lineItemName, location, qty, rate, transaction bin number.

Scheduled script:

The script begins by consuming the output of the linked saved search. For each transaction found, it finds if the line item has bin value or not. If not, found then it looks up preferred bin based on item location and checks current stock status. If everything is correct, it then enforces inventory detail and commits the line item.

Script snapshot:

The end goal is not to have inventory transactions without bins as it would impact the stock status report.

Note: it is also possible to modify the saved search to look for bin-put away worksheet transaction and identify the underlying transactions linked to each bin put away and fix the inventory detail. More details on this in the next blog post.

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