All ERP and CRM systems are highly configurable, designed for tight integration with business processes and reporting. However, while most systems do offer these features, few can do so with the alacrity and simplicity as NetSuite.

For example, when adding a custom field or a custom process to an ERP, a typical solution requires hours of programming resources to build the new fields or process. If a user has an idea for a new data point they would like to capture, or a new process they would like to build, he or she needs to gather requirements, go to IT, fight for the resources to make the project, and get the project implemented. This adds significant time to the development process, and leads to a general state of apathy towards meaningful data points and streamlined processes within the organization.

Here at MIBAR, one of the (many) reasons we love NetSuite is because it offers a simple and intuitive interface for employees to add fields and build processes from their browsers. While the user still needs to spend time designing the process correctly, he or she can easily build it out in NetSuite, with minimal support from IT. This allows the organization to respond to change and streamline its processes much faster.

In addition, NetSuite offers extensive drag-and-drop dashboard style reporting, allowing users to access all relevant key metrics from their home screen. Users have quick and easy access to custom charts, Key Performance Indicators, balanced score cards, and other relevant data, all from the home screen. From there, users can click into each data point, giving them easy access to all the relevant information they need to make decisions quickly.

This contrasts with a traditional ERP system, where managers must ask IT to build specific reports. Each time a manager wants a new piece of information in a traditional system, he or she must go back to IT, ask for the report, and justify its business value over competing projects. With NetSuite, the platform is robust enough to handle most simple data requests, so IT can focus its energies on building complex, high value-add reports.

Because of this out of the box flexibility, NetSuite allows businesses to operate and iterate faster than a traditional ERP and CRM system. This alacrity gives NetSuite users a clear advantage in the marketplace, where they can adopt to changing market conditions and evolve faster than the competition.

If you already own NetSuite, and are not getting the attention you deserve – or you are considering making a move to NetSuite, talk with us today and let’s find out together if MIBAR can help you realize your goals.

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