NetSuite allows for the addition of fields in just a few easy steps. The ability to create body and columns can be done from the customization menu or directly from the form a user is working on. This eliminates the cost and time associated with development. That being said, it is very important to know what field type to add. Ask yourself a few questions before creating the new field:

1. What record types does this apply to?

Ex: Item field, CRM field, Transaction field

2. How long is the information going into the field?

Ex: Free-Form text is up to 300 characters but long text goes up to 1,000,000

3. What is the purpose of this data?

Ex: The data types supported range from hyperlinks, to rich text, time/date, and numbers to name a few.

4. If it is a number field what is it a currency, decimal, or integer?

Ex: Picking an integer field when you need a decimal can cause headaches down. Changing field types can sometimes require exporting all the data, changing the field, and reimporting those values.

5. Lastly, is the value store or not?

Ex: One problem is that stored fields cannot be used for rollup values.

Here are a few quick tips for the fields I use most often:

Field TypesWhere to use themexample
Check boxAny record type that involves a true or false value. I Like this better then reference a list with the values of true or false as options.Exclude an employee from searches with a check box indicating so. This may be easier than using a multi select and picking all employees except for the one mentioned
DateAny record where a date is necessary.Date of hire on the employee record
List/RecordAny record with three or more options.Days of the week, industry type, etc…
DecimalAny record with a floating decimal place.Distance, non-currency calculations or currency with calculation with three or more places after the decimal
Free FormAny record that is less than 300 characters. I would discourage the use of numbers in this field.Names or short phrase for a custom item
HyperlinkAny record that requires a link to a website. This can also be used for tracking.A company’s website link drop box link from a customer, tracking
Long TextAny record where a full description is needed. Character limit is 1,000,000.Legalese or long item description
Multiple SelectAny record where several values need to be selected.Interest in multiple products, how a customer heard about a company, etc…
Text AreaDon’t bother, just use long text. On the one occasion where you go over 4000 characters you will regret it.Descriptions or notes


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