As we discussed in our last blog on the improvements coming to the NetSuite ERP platform, it’s not just the core enhancements that are coming to NetSuite, it’s often the industry-focused improvements that help make a platform better. Knowing this, we would today like to explore the important additions coming to the NetSuite ERP solution built for your industry.

New for Product-Based Businesses: Manufacturing, Retail, and Distribution

As a leading ERP choice for product-based businesses according to Gartner, NetSuite has continued to deliver a variety of innovations for users in manufacturers, distributors, and retail companies. From Autonomous Supply Chain improvements to Warehouse Management and Financial Management, the following enhancements are designed to make life easier for end users.

Autonomous Supply Chain Brings MRP and Planning Workbench Improvements

From demand planning to improved visibility, NetSuite 2020.2 has added the following improvements to the Autonomous Supply Chain functionality:

  • Materials Requirements Planning: Available to customers using NetSuite Demand Planning, the MRP solution has been re-architected to add a dedicated planning repository built to give planners better information and allow them to make better decisions. With the new MRP solution, planners can easily monitor, firm up or release orders for approval and aggregation; review and accept action/exception messages individually or in bulk; and pegging information provides planners full visibility into how demand is allocated to supply.
  • Planning Workbench: Built to improve decision-making and provide end users better understanding over data, the planning workbench slices and dices data by product line, plan, location, user-defined item categories and groups. Added to this, users will gain insights on situations that require attention including potential shortages and surpluses for a variety of potential events.
  • Supply Allocation: Additional precision can be provided to supply allocation by allowing inbound shipments to be included into the allocation of supplies, in context with related purchase orders.
  • Fill Rate Optimization: Improve sales order filling with fill rate optimization, designed to allocate existing supply to satisfy as many sales order lines as possible based on the given supply.

Warehouse Management

Another core solution for product-based businesses, Warehouse Management Software is built to give greater visibility into warehouse operations. From receiving to storage to pick-pack-ship and more, WMS software gives visibility and control.

As announced in their 2020.2 announcement NetSuite WMS now includes the ability to receive, transfer and pick goods inside a location without bins, including single order picking and multi-order picking at warehouses. Small warehouses benefit from the efficiency of hand-held picking without the overhead of managing bins.

Quality Management Continues to Improve

Another enhancement on the way to 2020.2 is the continued improvement to Quality Management. Used by distributors and manufacturers to make the inspection process easier and more accurate, enhancements to the Quality Management SuiteApp enable inspections to be triggered from advanced manufacturing production results.

B2B Ecommerce Updates

With more manufacturers entering the ecommerce space and more distributor looking to compete in a commoditized landscape, B2B Ecommerce is increasingly useful for everyone in the product-based business landscape. In turn, NetSuite has continued to improve their B2B Ecommerce experience and will now make it easier for wholesaler customers to purchase as well as provide greater analysis through the Merchandise Hierarchy Workbook.

  • Wholesaler Management and Approval: Get your wholesaler customers up and running more quickly with better workflows and approvals. With an improved form and flexible approval workflows, the new SuiteCommerce Sign Up extension lets you easily manage the registration and approvals of buyers from your ecommerce store. From here, buyers can be approved to receive wholesale pricing with ease.
  • Merchandise Hierarchy Workbook: Easily analyze items, inventory, sales and fulfillment data with pre-built customizable KPIs and reports using the Merchandise Hierarchy Workbook. This new functionality empowers users to quickly analyze merchandise performance and view performance trends by category and identify new opportunities.

B2C Ecommerce Updates

For those selling directly to consumers, ecommerce needs to be built with the customer in mind. Here are just some of the enhancements to ecommerce:

  • Engage Customers with Website Themes: Themes will help you to keep up to date with NetSuite releases as well as provide customers an engaging experience. New features include layout flexibility, ADA/WCAG compliance, enhanced mobile user experience and multi-language support.
  • Improved Analytics with Better Visualization: Easily identify problems and adapt before they are concerns. By providing visual information to users and automated alerts, you can easily see what’s going on with your business and take action.

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