Look no further than our free guide, Out of the Spreadsheet and Into the Cloud: 5 key considerations when implementing a modern BI. You’re eager to get your new solution up and running—but you need to choose the right BI tool first.  We help clients bring their BI systems up to date with cloud-based solutions. We also know what it takes to get it right, so we’re here with best practices to get you started.

Here are the questions our new guide will help you answer:

Is a cloud-based BI solution right for my company?

Most companies who make the move into cloud computing want to eliminate the manual heavy lifting that’s holding them back. They want to improve agility and responsiveness, accelerate product development and innovation, and save money. Leveraging a cloud-based BI tool is one way to start seeing results—and today’s solutions are not only easy to implement, they offer other distinct advantages over spreadsheets and on-premise systems.

Which user tools will make the most difference to decision-makers?

While it’s important for your IT team, timeline, and budget to have an easy implementation, it’s really your BI solution’s users who need smooth sailing. They’re the people who will be logging in for insights, so give them the tools they need to make easy, fast decisions.

Will a shift to cloud-based BI impact our company culture—or vice versa?

Yes, and yes. Changing your approach to BI and introducing new technology are likely to make a splash in the workplace—but there are things you can do to make it a positive experience. Cultural challenges are real, and they require careful attention to change management, so put your best foot forward.

What does it take to get some “quick wins”?

Cloud computing offers a relatively quick software implementation, low start-up and maintenance costs, and more. By nature, new software investments yield quick results, especially if you work with a partner to get started. Following best practices can help you achieve more, faster.

How do we find the right BI solution for our needs?

Isn’t this the question? You have many elements to consider, from your company size and budget. There are also various BI tools to access. Finding the right fit requires a deep knowledge of your needs and the solutions available to you…and a partner who can help you evaluate all of your options so you can move forward with confidence.

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