If you have specific documents that need to be loaded in your printer every time you need to perform a specific function, you may occasionally have other members in the office accidentally print work specific to their tasks on the forms that are specific to tasks such as Invoices, Statements, Checks, etc.  This hurts your business by wasting pre-printed forms that are required for a specific task as well as the time of the person trying to get their task completed.

Assign Named Printers Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

To eliminate this possibility, you should consider using the Named Printer functionality in GP.  Named Printers allows you to associate a specific printer to a particular function.  This is controlled by user, company, function, and workstation.

This will isolate the printers that are used for tasks that require specific forms from the rest of the printers that can be used for any function that doesn’t require specific type of form. This will  result in a cost savings and increased efficiency within your organization.

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