Throughout my years of implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP at a variety of clients, the single most important aspect of’s Distribution related customer’s businesses has been the effectiveness of warehouse personnel and the warehouse(s) in general.

Getting inventory PO receipts into Great Plains in a timely manner, controlling locations of skus in multi-bin environments at specific SITE IDS, and fulfilling sales transactions successfully…especially where LOT TRACKING is imperative to a business, are all factors towards increasing revenues for companies by raising efficiencies of warehouse personnel.

For example, I have seen tons of paperwork accumulate on various clients desks related to PO Receipts that have come into the warehouse, where the purchasing department just doesn’t have the time to get the information into the system right away and perform manual GP PO Receipts.

Why would a WMS system like Panatrack’s Inventory tracking solution help in this case? How about having your warehouse personnel receive merchandise while it is entering your facility, seamlessly bringing up your vendor’s purchase order on their handheld devices, checking and entering in proper quantities of skus on said shipment, which in turn integrates that process into a GP PO Receipt to be posted at the batch level by office personnel with the click of a button.

This quick turnaround into Dynamics GP will keep your customer service department from calling all over the office to inquiry about product availability, as the item inquiry screens will be updated almost real-time by said receipts; allow lotted/serial-tracked items to be entered into the system with a properly set-up barcode scanning process on the handhelds, with correct manufacturing and expiration dates; and finally give sales the ability to quickly turn around transactions and get them out the door to your customers due to this quick “put-away” process from incoming inventory.

Without going into further detail of how much more efficient performing ITEM BIN TRANSFERS from a handheld device out in the warehouse, rather than manually in Dynamics GP, perhaps a few hours after the sku’s bin location has been changed…as well as the pain points of having office personnel manually fulfill LOT TRACED items on sales transactions, rather than having them scanned easily into these same sales transactions with handheld devices, my preferred WMS system for integration into Dynamics GP, after having experienced a few, is definitely Panatrack’s Inventory Tracking solution.

Why Panatrack?

Incredibly easy installation of their software on your client’s network, where the throughput of the application will very rarely cause your IT department to acquire additional hardware to house their server software.

Expert and experienced staff consultants, whom are more than willing to advise and place orders for your clients as to the appropriate handheld devices needed, as well as recommending and placing orders for the wireless devices required at specific locations in the warehouse for the handhelds to connect to.

Quality staff members offering either onsite or offsite training to your client’s warehouse personnel, giving hands on experience in the applications test environment for your employees to utilize until a GO LIVE date is set for actual transactions to be processed.

Highly qualified programmers on staff to aide during implementation, with in depth knowledge of Dynamics GP & SQL Server, willing to help create various forms & reports generated from the functions performed on the handheld devices, especially related to barcode scanning needs.

And finally an easily configurable web based server interface, where either you as your client’s GP consultant, or Panatrack personnel, can set-up at the start of the project, related to such functions as: log in set-ups for individual user accounts on handhelds; security for specific personnel on the handhelds as to what functions on devices they should have access to; printer set-ups in the panatrack portal; and of course specific module set-ups for inventory, sales processing, PO receipt processing, and Manufacturing transactions, similar to the familiar set-ups done in Dynamics GP itself.

For all of these reasons, plus the excellent support received by our clients once going Live from the Panatrack support team themselves when issues arise, I would highly recommend any of your GP customers out there to start using a warehouse automated solution to help their respective business’ grow…..specifically the software supplied by the ISV described in this blog.

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