At MIBAR, we’ve spent nearly the past three decades helping clients select, implement, and operate the enterprise software that works for them. From ERP to CRM to business intelligence, we have continued to grow our operations, expand our name in the community, and provide clients with technology that improves their bottom line. Today, we are proud to announce our appearance on the Accounting Today VAR 100, a list of the leading resellers and implementation partners in North America based on revenue and number of employees.

Considered to be a “who’s who” of VARs, The Accounting Today VAR 100 is an annual ranking of the leading value-added resellers based highlighting the successes of the largest VARs in the nation who have the resources and expertise needed to satisfy and support a wide range of clients. This year, MIBAR appeared at number 57 on the list, maintaining a strong showing in the top 100.

How Accounting Today Chooses the VAR 100

The Accounting Today VAR 100 is focused on revenue from business management software over the past year. Accounting Today notes that “All revenues are FY 2017, in U.S. dollars. In cases of ties in revenue, the firm with the larger staff was given the higher ranking.”

Trends in the VAR Community

Just as the Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs does, the Accounting Today VAR 100 highlights trends, talking points, and analysis from channel leaders and experts, noting a few must-watch trends:

  • The End of the Cloud vs. On-Premises Debate: A long-standing debate appears to be over. Today’s VARs have moved away from selling on-premises software because clients have stopped asking about it.
  • A Focus on Security: Possibly driven by a shift from on-premises maintenance and service to forward-thinking consulting, possibly driven by high-profile security breaches, clients are looking to VARs for security help.
  • Strong Showings from Microsoft, Acumatica, and NetSuite: MIBAR finds itself in good company, joining 15 other Acumatica VARs, 22 other NetSuite VARs, and 60 other VARs selling Microsoft Dynamics products.

Get to Know More About MIBAR

Following our appearance not only on the Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs, we are excited to share our strong showing on the VAR 100 as well. We are proud to once again appear on this list, and it’s an honor to say that we look forward to climbing the ranks in 2019 and beyond. Get to know more about the work we do with NetSuite, Acumatica, Microsoft and more, and get in contact with us for more information.

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