My name is Khawaja Ali and I have been a part of MIBAR since the end of March. What has brought me here is the exposure to the many ERP systems that MIBAR offers to its clients (Netuite, Acumatica, etc). Before I start about my passion about finance technology I would like to give a little background of my self.

My Parents are immigrants from Pakistan and I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I am one of the first in my family to graduate college. I graduated from Baruch college in Computer Information Systems but also completed the CPA eligibility, it’s kind of like having two degrees.

My first real job was making sandwiches at Subway to my first internship with the MTA. It was a great experience which prepared me for my next endeavor which was as a staff accountant for a pet food manufacturing company.

While working there I became exposed to databases and accounting modules, and it blew my mind! I became very interested in reporting tools, and back end reporting and made me want to pursue both accounting and technology. Interestingly, I was still doing my undergrad and decided to take more courses in database and in accounting.

It was difficult to keep up with traveling to Jersey and going to college full time, so I decided to take a temporary role as a data analyst at a non-profit which eventually led to a full time role as a business analyst. I learned a lot while there and was given one of the greatest opportunities I was offered as a Senior Specialist, Finance Applications for another non-profit.

My time as a Senior Specialist, Finance Applications exposed me to GP, reporting tools, more backend reporting (more hands on in writing SQL queries). The role also made me think like an accountant, an end user, and how to administer finance systems. It prepared me well for the role as an ERP consultant with MIBAR.

Lastly, I am not all about finance technology. I am a big sports junkie! I played varsity basketball in high school as a point guard and continue to play football when its that time of year!