Arm your sales and customer services teams with the right data and they will be able to contribute to your growth.  With current, reliable data at their fingertips, your sales team can negotiate and close deals faster, become more responsive to customer needs, and strengthen long-term loyalty.  Not only can you have a more agile sales force, you can leverage your business data to your competitive advantage.

Your sales and customer service teams need to spend time with customers and in the field without being disconnected from critical data at the office.  Mobile business management solutions can bridge that gap and provide the data your teams need to satisfy customers and grow your business.  Download “Technology Accelerates Business Growth: 6 Critical Business Processes To Build Customer Loyalty,” a complimentary eBook, to learn how mobile technology can make your sales team better, faster, and strengthen relationships with customers.

Each customer presents a unique set of needs, which is why your sales team needs data from across your business.  When your sales team can enter and access business and customer-centric data from a customer’s office or jobsite, they can respond faster to address these unique needs.  Customers may have questions about product specifications, cost breaks with bulk purchases, and estimated costs for faster deliveries in addition to the traditional questions about inventory availability and shipping schedules.  Using mobile devices, including smartphones or tablets, your sales and customer service teams can answer these challenging customer questions on-the-spot.  Better yet, with a direct connection to business data, your sales team can draft proposals and complete orders without the hassle of paper forms or calling customer service teams at the office to place an order.  Modern mobile solutions can increase sales opportunities, lower sales costs, speed up cash flow, and improve the productivity of your sales and customer service teams.

Satisfy customer needs quickly and proactively by replacing outdated systems with more modern, mobile technology.

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