“Knowledge speaks, Wisdom Listens” – Jimi Hendrix

This phrase has often been attributed to Jimi Hendrix.  This quote speaks miles to me, not just about rock music but in relation to almost all aspects in life.

For example, I’m going to illustrate to you how listening can be a powerful tool as a key aspect in ERP software implementation methodology.  On this post, we are going to discuss two major ERP software implementation strategies and contrast them to show how “listening” can be the difference in achieving the most desirable possible outcome from your software implementation project.

So, on a very high level, lets describe the Waterfall Model and the Agile Model.

The Waterfall model is a sequential (non-iterative) process used in software development processes in which progress is planned and measured as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production/implementation and maintenance.

Waterfall Model ERP Implementation Metholdology

While the Waterfall model can be relatively advantageous (vs other models) in certain situations with limited scope, time and budget, there are disadvantages to this model.  For example, in the Waterfall model, once an application is in the testing stage, it is very difficult to go back and change something that was not well-thought out in the Requirements Gathering or Design stage. Also with this model, working software is not produced until late during the implementation project life cycle which can create high amounts of risk and uncertainty.

The Agile model is another design process where design solutions evolve through a more collaborative effort between the business and the software implementation team.  It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, relatively early delivery, continuous improvement and it encourages an environment of rapid and flexible response to change, which can be beneficial to any business, especially after a software implementation project has been completed.

Waterfall vs Agile ERP Methodology

While there is no “Go To” overall software implementation strategy, the right plan should be chosen that addresses the unique situation and circumstances that impact your ERP software implementation project.  I’ve seen businesses combine aspects from several different software implementation models in order to apply a hybrid implementation methodology approach.

Regardless of the choices made, we would all most likely be better off, if we did a little more listening.

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