If you have lot numbers assigned to your food based items, it would be helpful to have some kind of reminder as to when the lot is going to expire so you can ship from the older lots first. In Dynamics you can set up your items to be tracked by lot on the Item Maintenance card by hitting the Options button on the bottom left corner of the screen. This brings up the Item Maintenance Options screen where you can select the TRACK option of Lot Numbers. 2 lines below that, you see Number Days Notification. You can check off this box and set the number of days to be notified before the expiration date. If you leave the number of days blank, you will not get any reminders.

Item Maintenance

To get the actual reminder, go to your home page and in the To Do section, hit the New Reminder on the top right side.

To Do Section

This will bring up the Reminder Preferences window. Check off the Lots Due to Expire reminder and hit OK.

Reminder Preferences

Your home page will now show the reminder with the number of lots due to expire.

Home Page

Click on the Lots due to expire and the system brings up the reminders as well as the tasks (if any). We can see that Item CAP100 Lot C is due to expire on 3/20/18


Once the expiration date is past, the system will display warning this icon in front of the expiration date to alert you that the lot has already expired.

Lot Number Inquiry


You can enter an expiration date for goods already received into a lot by going to Inventory – Utilities – Edit Lot Number Attributes. Enter the Item # and tab off the field to get the Lot Number field to open. You can either manually enter the lot # or use the magnifying glass to look it up. Then enter the expiration date and hit process.

Edit Lot Number Attributes


In the Receivings Transaction Entry window enter the information for the lot item and the Purchasing Lot Number Entry window comes up. From this window, you have the ability to enter a manual lot number or have Automatic Lot generation. The example below is for Automatic Lot generation. You need to hit the blue arrow next to the field Lots to Generate. The Lot Attribute Entry screen comes up and allows you to enter the expiration date. Hit OK to close the window, then back at the Purchasing Lot Number Entry screen, hit insert to place the received goods into that lot.

Lot Attribute Entry

Here is an example of a manually entered lot # where you can also enter the expiration date.

Manually Entered Lot Number

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