Resource management is the process of pre-planning, scheduling, and allocating your resources of a project to maximize efficiency. As Project managers we are constantly working our projects, tasks and resources as we would be working on a puzzle trying to get the proper pieces to fit in order to complete the project.

NetSuite offers a cool feature to help Project Resource managers find the right resource for the job.

How to set up NetSuite to take advantage of this feature
Step 1:
• From the Skill Category List NetSuite page you can edit or view existing Skill Categories or add new Skill Categories by selecting the New Skill Category button.

• By selecting New Skill Category, you will be taken to the page below to Create your Category

• You can now create or associate already created Skill levels to your new Skill (Created Above)

Step 2:
• Once you have created your Skill Category’s and Skill set’s
• You will want to associate that Skill set to a resource
• You can do this in one of two ways
o You can search for Skill Set in the NetSuite search bar
o This is the form where you will identify the Resource, Skill and Skill Level

Add the resource name that you want to work on

• You can select or add a skill from within the same form
• By entering the first few letters and hitting tab, previously created skillset will be available

• You can create a new Skill set by selecting the + button

• This will bring you to the Skill form where you can also create a new skill and Category if needed

• Or you can go directly to the Employee record and select the Skills and Expertise Sub Tab

• Here you will be able to select any of the Categories you have created, The actual Skill or skills associated to that Category that pertains to the employee and the skill level for each of the selected

Step 3:
• Once you have completed steps 2 and 3 you can now use what a great NetSuite feature to find the right resource for your project task.
• You will want to go to the New Resource Allocation Form

• Now you can select the project and task you may want to staff

• Select the look up and NetSuite will open the window below.
• You can then enter the Availability (Time you are looking to schedule the task), % available of the resource, Billing Class, Max Labor cost and Min experience.
• Select Submit

• You will now be presented with a list of possible resources that fit the criteria you selected.

• You can now select the resource you have chosen and will be taken directly to the screen to assign the resource with the knowledge that you are not over-allocating the person and they have the
appropriate skill set to get the job done.

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