A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I e-mail ACH remittances to my vendors? What evidence can I show to my vendor that payment has been made via ACH (without faxing)? These types of questions are a recurring theme when I visit some of my Microsoft Dynamics GP ACH clients so I decided to put together simple screen shots to address common questions and concerns on how to e-mail ACH remittances.

This documentation shows how to e-mail the ACH remittance from Dynamics GP Accounts Payable to vendors. This process requires Microsoft Outlook availability as the preferred email solution.

Step 1. Configure GP Email Settings:

Select the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu>Tools>Setup>Company>E-mail Settings

Dynamics GP email settings

This will open up the Company E-mail Setup window, where you choose company-wide options to use when sending email documents from Dynamics GP. You also have the option to select which Dynamics GP Series you require for the e-mail.

In this window, check the appropriate File Format for the document to be sent to the vendor. I have selected all formats in this example and have clicked the Purchasing Series to lead me to Purchasing E-mail Setup.

Dynamics GP email setup

In Purchasing E-mail setup below, make sure Vendor Remittance is checked and choose REMITTANCE as your message ID.

Purchasing email setup Dynamics GP

In addition,

Have Replies Sent to: Provide the e-mail address where you want to receive any vendor questions or replies.

Step 2. E-mail Message Setup:

Any message you would like to include in the ACH remittance would be defined in the E-mail Message Setup window.

Select the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu>Tools>Setup>Company>E-mail Message Setup

Navigate to GP company settings

In the Message Setup Screen below, make the appropriate selections as shown below:

Message ID: Give the Message a name. I used REMITTANCE in my example

Series: Purchasing

Doc Type: Vendor Remittance

Subject: In the subject you can click the Field drop down, make a selection of your choice and click the Insert button.  I selected Check Total in my example.

In the body you can write a brief message you deem necessary to the vendor

Click save.

Dynamics GP remittance email setup

Step 3. Setup Vendor e-mail information

For each vendor you want to send an e-mail to, you have to configure the vendor’s e-mail.

Card>Vendor>select a vendor and click E-mail button

Vendor maintenance Dynamics GP

In the Vendor E-mail Options below, check the appropriate option and format. I have selected PDF in this example.

Vendor Email Options GP

Click OK and you will be brought to the Vendor Maintenance screen.

In the Vendor Maintenance screen, click the globe icon shown by the red arrow and you will be taken to the Internet Address window where you can add the vendor’s e-mail information.

Vendor Maintenance Screen

In the Internet Information window provide the e-mail address of the vendor, save and close.

Internet information screen Dynamics GP

Step 4. Process Payables and send remittance

When you complete your ACH process, under the Process section, clickRemittance Form and check Send Document in E-mail and then click the Process button. Notice that you can click Process Later as well. Please note that Outlook must be opened or minimized. The Remittance will be sent to your vendors upon clicking Process.

Process payables remittance Dynamics GP

I hope this helped you learn how easy it is to e-mail ACH remittances in Dynamics GP. Get worry free Dynamics GP upgrades and support from the experts at MIBAR. Navigating through an upgrade successfully can be quite challenging unless you are in the right hands. Take a few minutes, provide us some basic information, and you’ll be well on your way to saving time, money, and frustration.

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