In Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, users are given 4 aging buckets by default in Receivables Management. However, users are able to increase the number of buckets to as many as 7.  In the below screenshot, you can see that we added 2 aging buckets for a total of 6.  When adding buckets, it is important that the days from/to on each bucket flow from one to another with no gaps.  If there are any gaps, then some invoices or payments may not appear on aging reports.

Receivables Management Setup

Once aging buckets have been added, they will automatically update available columns in Smartlist and appear in queries, if selected.

Columns in Smartlist

To get transactions to display accurately in the correct bucket, the Aging routine must be run.

Receivables Aging Process

However, even when the Aging routine is run, the Aging Trial Balances in GP will NOT display the modified aging buckets.  Why is that?

The Aging trial balances (summary and detail) must be manually modified in GRW (Graphical Report Writer).

It is strongly recommended that users do not attempt to modify reports in GRW themselves.  It is a technical process and can easily go awry.  This could invalidate the report leaving the user with no trial balances at all.

Even though users have added two buckets to the Accounts Receivable setup, note that they do not appear on the Aging Trial Balance below as the report has not been modified yet.

RM Detail aged trial Balance

Note that in the second Aging Trial Balance posted below, the new aging buckets appear as this report has been modified.

RM summary aged trial balance

While this blog has focused on Receivables, you can add buckets to your Payables setup as well.  If you do, you will also need to modify the Accounts Payable Aging Trial Balances accordingly.

If you would like to add aging buckets to your Receivables (or Payables) setup and want a MIBAR professional to help you modify the Aging Trial Balances, contact us today!

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