Create an Acumatica custom shipping label for number of boxes based on a shipment with a number line items and quantities.  The quantities will be divided by a factor of that item setup on stock item maintenance to give the number of labels to print for that many boxes of that line item.  (This requires knowledge of report designer)

1.  Setup the item with a factor in the Stock Items maintenance under the general tab section Unit of Measure. 

Add a unit of measure that will use the factor for the calculation of boxes.  Then this value is used to calculate the number of labels to print.

2.  Then there’s a post from stack overflow that someone post about printing labels based on the number of quantities received.   Download deployment package from this site.  You need this package to get the number count.

3.  Then in your custom shipping label form, open the Build Schema and go to the relationships tab add this code

ceiling([SOShipLine.ShippedQty]/isnull([INUnit.UnitRate],1)) of the parent field.  (Note see example of the link above mapping to UsrNumbers table.)  Save the report.

4.  Here is an example of a shipment,

Item                 quantity           factor

CONBABY1        20                    5

CONBOTTLE1    20                    3

So, the shipping label of 2 items will be CONBABY1 has qty of 4 and CONBOTTLE1 has qty of 7 shipping labels.  There will be a total of 11 shipping labels. Preview these labels here.

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