I struggled for a while to figure out what appeared to be a simple client request: to automatically add and remove users from Access Teams based on simple business logic.

The solution was ultimately quite easy, but I could not find documentation online anywhere so decided to make a guide.

To use flow to add or remove users from Access Teams, you will need to Perform a Bound Action, either AddUserToRecordTeam or RemoveUserFromRecordTeam.

You will need three Items:

  1. User GUID – Who are you adding/removing?
  2. Record GUID – Record with the Access Team. In my example I use Account.
  3. Team Template ID (GUID) – A GUID assigned to the Team Template when you first create it.
  • It is important to know Access Teams are automatically created/deleted and exist only if they contain at least one user. Upon removing the final user, the team ceases to exist and appears to be deleted from the back end.
  • The naming convention for Access Team’s: Record GUID+Team Template ID.
  • g. 3469745b-5616-ec11-b6e6-000d3a17cb1b+fec3b42c-1ec7-ec11-a7b6-0022482b01e2

Here is what Access Teams look like as they are created on the backend:

Access Teams

Now that you know where to find all three components, build a flow to perform the action:

Flow Power Automate

To remove a user, simply select RemoveUserFromRecordTeam and use the same syntax.

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