Let’s ask a few practical questions: is there a decision-maker in any industry who couldn’t benefit from powerful business intelligence dashboarding capabilities—at their fingertips? Who wouldn’t want a 360-degree view of their most important metrics, in real time, on-demand? Who wouldn’t want to see beautiful visualizations of their company’s data on their desktop or mobile device? Who wouldn’t appreciate the ability to securely share their insights with others in their organization so everyone has the latest information?

Stumped? That’s because cloud-based business analytics tools are built for anyone and everyone who needs to make the most of their organization’s data. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft’s Power BI serves the needs of decision-makers in specific industries:


Consumer expectations are rapidly changing—and so it the technology they use to engage with their favorite retail brands. Fortunately, the technology solutions that brands are using to manage their data and customer relationships are helping to give them competitive edge. When it comes to BI dashboarding, business users need immediate insights into customers, pricing, inventory, POS activity, and so much more—across markets and channels, online and in-store—that only today’s top BI tools can deliver.  Power BI gives users insights into metrics including:

  • YOY sales figures
  • Sales by item division
  • Top product categories by class
  • Variance by store
  • Performance by District Sales Managers

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Finance & Insurance

Financial services organizations are filled with data pouring in from countless disparate sources—and it’s data that has to remain safeguarded. Today’s cloud-based business systems, BI dashboarding tools in particular, securely connect up to hundreds of data sources, from Excel, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and even IoT devices, to ensure business users capture the specific insights they need to keep up with operational, financial, and customer needs. For instance, Power BI gives insurance companies granular insights related to:

  • Branch performance
  • Claims trends
  • Claims by loss state
  • Open claims by cause of loss

Of course, other financial organizations can use their dashboarding tools to harness the data they need to manage specific areas of their business. For more industry insights, discover The Top 3 Reasons Growing Financial Services Organizations Implement Cloud-Based ERP Systems.

Professional Services

Delivering value to clients is the primary concern for consultants in real estate, healthcare, legal services, accounting and finance, and other areas of professional services. In order to deliver this value, professional services organizations need access to the most up-to-date metrics related to team performance, customer satisfaction, and revenue—from a high, “global” perspective all the way down to the individual level. Power BI reports enable organizations to drill down into reports that provide insights such as:

  • Revenue by practice, sales stage, and region
  • Opportunities by expected close date and status
  • Quota attainment by sales lead
  • Variance to sales target by practice
  • Top accounts

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Decision-makers working along the supply chain need all the insights they can get—it’s critical, on a day-to-day basis, for operations to flow smoothly. It’s also critical for manufacturing KPIs related to processes and quality to be visible in real-time to a wide range of managers, whether they’re on the production floor or in the C-suite. Power BI’s dashboards are the ideal tool for delivering up-to-the-minute information about machine utilization, inventory levels, costs, cycle times, process efficiencies, and more. Business users can track metrics including:

  • Revenue by EBITDA and division
  • YoY variance by expense category, headcount, and division
  • Top customers
  • Balance sheet trends

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How Could Power BI Benefit Your Organization?

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