We all know the important of creating a strong relationship with customers.

In fact it is a key for any business to be successful. I believe for that reason Bart always said, “You must give more than your best for our customers.” The least that the customer can receive is the best. If we fail our customer it should be at the best level no less than that.

Because a dissatisfied customer affected by a poor relationship becomes a dangerous customer for the success of any business. BUT (Behold the Underlying Truth) on other hand a well-managed and strong relationship with customer not only means that the customer will indeed continue doing business with us over a long term, and eventually willing to recommend Mibar to others.

As consultant, you have to know that when most customers see you think about, how much is this one going to cost me. Because they want all problems fixed today, that should have been resolved yesterday. They’re always looking for a quick fix so you can leave their premises as soon as you walk in. 

How to make customers, who generally need our services but do not want to spend money on the services that we provide, happy?

  1. Make the customers believe that you care about resolving their issues more than they can imagine.
  2. Make the customer feels that among all the customers you have you value more doing business with him or her.
  3. Show the customer that it not about how many billable hours you want to get but provide a solution that will help the business
  4. When the customer is down because of the issue, you should bring hope. Do not show that you are down, even when the resolution is taking time, or you have nothing handy.
  5. Let them believe that solution is on the way, it is just a delay.
  6. Always be courteous and smile. Be calm in any situation, have a very friendly attitude, even in an unfriendly environment.

Because I used the aforementioned, I got a lot of favors from customer without asking anything. From boxes of hotdogs, packs of ravioli , boxes of fish, box of meat , boxes of fruits etc….

All of this being the result of a great attitude with customers. But be prepared to accept any back lash a day things do not work as they expected. This is part of the deal, but still need to navigate and land on the field of being calm, patient, and hopeful for a solution.