Many have seen COVID-19 has a foreign issue. No one believed that we would be greatly affected like we have experienced and are still going through. We have never thought that it would control and dictate our lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, today the globe is framed by COVID-19.

Coronavirus has no respect for rich and famous, for poor, for white or black or yellow or green or red people. No respect for small or large businesses, independent contractors or those self-employed. Covid-19 has no respect for any type of businesses. We are all affected in different ways and different levels.

The question as solution provider, how do we deal with our customers in the time of coronavirus? First of all, we need to adapt to our new reality. We cannot proceed on the same business path in the time of no crisis, as the time of crisis. Right now, we are in a crisis big time.

Everything should not be about billing. But this is the time to come up with a strategy that will allow us to get paid without putting emphasis on the bills. In such times of crisis, the way we treat our customers cause the issue of trust and loyalty. Most like when they depend on us to provide the service that will fulfil their needs to run the business remotely.

We should come with a type of business relationship model, that will let the customers know that we are teaming with them to win the battle. That in this battle we are helping each other. It is time to show more that we care more about our customers to stay in business, than the fear that they will not be able to pay the bill.

Though we need help it is time to throw a lifeline to some of our customers in certain way. This not an occasion for a frantic rush to escape, it not about who can survive this pandemic, rather let be supportive so we can all survive together and continue doing business as we use too. We depend on each one, therefore we need all to overcome.

Let be connected to our customer via email, or phone call inquiring about their state. Do not just call when the bill is not paid. Let the customer know that we are here to help, and want them to be successful regardless the crisis. Let’s reinvent our customer relationship that will be adapt to a situation of crisis in the case of COVID-19