It’s time to put your customer service team’s pads and pencils away. With Dynavistics catalog-based sales, and template selling and sales pattern analysis modules, sales order entry in Dynamics GP really can be faster, easier and more accurate.  As a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant, I’m always looking out for great ISV’s and add-ons that I know will deliver real business value to my clients – and Dynavistics certainly fits the bill.

Check out what you can do with Dynavistics for Dynamics GP sales orders:

  • Enter items on a sales transaction from a screen which seamlessly pops-up after tabbing through a line item fully.
  • Find items in your company’s SKU of products using:
    • Wildcard “contain as” values in an item’s description
    • A customer’s past purchasing history
    • One of 6 item attributes a SKU could contain (ex. – kosher products vs. non-kosher ones)
    • Through a set of main folders, with underlying subfolders, built automatically in catalog- based sales by using the 6 user category fields seen in an item’s options window
  • Give your customer service department the ability to “upsell” your clients while on the phone, allowing order entry personnel to view the past 6 periods (whether defined as weekly or monthly…your choice) of sales, in separate columns, for a particular customer for a SKU—directly within the catalog screen itself. This window will also alert an end-user to a sales pattern warning if a SKU has not been purchased by said customer for a pre-defined period of time.
  • Control what each user is allowed to view during order entry, including:
    • Margin % per SKU based on a customer’s price
    • Qty on a purchase order and its expected delivery date
    • Zoom windows into an item’s image
    • Order History for a particular SKU per customer to view past prices
    • Price Trace, allowing end-users to view where a price for a customer was derived from, whether it be from a price level in standard Dynamics GP pricing, or to a price sheet if using the GP extended pricing module
  • Eliminate repeated mistakes by order entry personnel by “restricting” item selection to a particular template. Either password protecting an attempt to order outside of a customer’s pre-defined template, or completely restricting such an attempt by leaving the password field blank in the Dynavistics set-up screen. For example, if a restaurant continues to get shipped the incorrect sirloin steak each week due to the proximity of the particular SKUs description to the item the customer actually wants, you could restrict the template this customer sells from and the issue disappears.
  • Purge customer templates by either a group of customers or on a one-off basis, based on sales transaction date. For example, you might not want your staff to see items purchased by a customer 3 years ago in an effort to narrow down choices during sales order entry and keep entry more efficient.
  • Give your customer service staff a quick way to quote prices and availability to your customers without having to start a sales transaction by utilizing the Dynavistics Item Catalogue and Search Inquiry window.

Don’t make your customers—or your staff—suffer through lengthy, inefficient sales and service transactions. Get sales ordered entered, processed and filled quickly and accurately with Dynavistics.

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