It’s been over a year and few months working from home.

During this time, I was able to do my work from home using my computer to remote to the office. There I was able to work on my programming assignments and provide support to clients.  It was kind of fun to work from home for the first few months.

Every time we have our video company meetings I put a different Lego character in front of the camera of my laptop during the meetings to try to get my coworkers to laugh or say something to about my Lego character.  Which I use to help everyone feel at ease about being confined at home.  Then in the Microsoft Teams group chat I started posting pictures of my lunches which got some of my team members to comment about my food photography lunches or tell them what I’m eating that day.  They reply about their lunches for the day.

Then I started to feel stuck working at home and not going outside as much for exercise during the earlier months.  Once we were allowed to go back to the office.  I signed up to our In office Power App to go into the office.  (This is an in-house app to keep track of how many people are allowed to come to the office on given day developed by Mibar).

On the first day going back to work.

I was on the train station platform, there were very few people there.  Then I got on the train and there was like 3 to 5 people in each car of the train.  Once in the city, it was like a ghost town.  When I got to the building it was empty there too.  It felt good to go out to the city for the first time in over a year and some months.  But I worry about those people who may not be vaccinated as I walk to the office.  Then in the office I met some of my coworkers and I was happy to see them.

Now after a few weeks since June, it feels a little normal going back to work in office as I see more people on the train and in the city. At the office I see more of my coworkers.  I feel good going to the office as it helps with my sanity being at home all the time.

I’m more a person who wants to go out to work in an office than work at home all the time.  I don’t mind working from home sometimes but I like to move around and not confined to one place 24×7.