Month two of the coronavirus outbreak has probably left us all a bit stir crazy. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s just how quickly things can change. From pivoting a business to working from home, companies across the nation have realized that change is inevitable and faster than ever. This begs the question—are you able to keep up?

Virtual Lunch and Learn: May 21, 2020

Maybe recent events left you unsure of an answer. Maybe you’ve been looking for a better way to run your business long before the COVID-19 outbreak. Maybe you’re a business decision maker who just has a bit of time on your hands and wouldn’t say no to having lunch delivered. Either way, we’re excited to announce a free virtual lunch and learn scheduled for Thursday, May 21 at 2:30 PM Eastern.

Presented by MIBAR, this virtual event will explore how Acumatica can and has helped businesses transform, grow, and future-proof operations.

Agenda: Acumatica Virtual Lunch and Learn

Featuring a brief presentation, demonstration, and live Q&A session, attendees will gain exclusive insight from one of the leading implementation partners in the nation about how Acumatica is helping businesses.

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The Call for a Connected Business

Whether it’s people, locations, or supply chains, the business world has decentralized. Work from home orders have mandated improved access. Higher customer expectations have required companies to act faster. Suppliers have become increasingly demanding. Any way you cut it, everything about your business needs to be more connected.

Designed to provide the necessary functionality across a variety of products, Acumatica can deliver the business connectivity and functionality you want and deserve. Financial management and project management connect seamlessly with distribution, manufacturing, and commerce to deliver the insights you need when and where you want them.

Acumatica’s Commitment to Your Growth

As one of, if not the fastest-growing cloud ERP platform, Acumatica has been growing with its customers. With a business model designed around innovation, support, and growth-friendly pricing, Acumatica has been built to scale.

  • Include All Your Employees: With an industry-exclusive resource-only pricing, you can include every employee who uses (or might use) the product.
  • Usability and Easy Learning: Already considered one of the most usable platforms out there, Acumatica reinforces this commitment by providing free training in Acumatica Open University.
  • A Customer Bill of Rights: Acumatica not only talks a big game, they have put their commitment in writing. The Acumatica customer bill of rights guarantees that customers get the support, access, and flexibility needed out of a modern ERP provider.

The Need for a Future-Proof Platform

As we’ve said, business can change in an instant—and that means that a solution needs to change with it. This is another area that Acumatica shines, delivering easy integration with nearly any software through its Open API. Pair this with the aforementioned unlimited number of users and usability, and this platform can help you remain resilient to challenges.

Even Virtually, Lunch is on Us

You may be asking yourself, “how can these people run a ‘lunch and learn’ when we can’t even gather in groups?” Well, we’re glad you asked. In the spirit of a lunch and learn in the modern era, we’re still providing lunch for our attendees—in the form of a $15 Grubhub gift card.

That’s right, if you’re willing to sit down with us for an hour or so, we’re excited to offer attendees lunch from a location of their choosing, compliments of Acumatica. So, not only do you learn how a modern cloud solution can take your business further, you get the opportunity to try out that new restaurant everyone was raving about.

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