We no longer use the Automation Steps for reports after 2020R2 and up. But I got this error in version 2021 R1 v21.110.0032 in the Customization.

An error while publishing the database item Actions#SO302000

with the message:

Error: Inserting  the ‘AUScreenNavigationActionState’ record failed because data in some field is too long.

Take any report to create a custom report to add to a screen.  Example Shipment Confirmation (SO642000.rpx), make duplicate copy and rename it to SO642010.rpx.  Next upload the report to Acumatica.  Then add the reports to the site maintenance.

Example setup in the site map, Print Labels (SO.64.20.10)


Next create a new customization project or add to an existing project.  Example, create a project called Reports.  Open the Reports project and click Screens.  Click Add Screen>Customize Existing Screen and select screen Shipments(SO302000).

Then click on Action on the left pane.  Then on the right pane, click Add new Record>Create New.  Then enter values for the Action Name and Display.  Enter PrtLabels and Print Labels.  Then change Toolbar Folder Top Level to Reports.  At Destination Screen, type SO.64.20.10.  Then it display the SO.64.20.10 – Print Labels that was created in site map. Then select a window mode(New Tab in this example).  Click Ok to save.

Action PropertiesNext click Publish the customization.  After few minutes you’ll get an error

ErrorClose the compilation log.   Go back to the Action and open the PrtLabels that was created. Then do a lookup and type in SO.64.20.10.  Select that record.  Then it will redisplay the report name again.  This time it’s without the periods in between.  As a user who uses the lookup lot you figure that in the search window for some lookups requires you to type XX then period number period.  So in this case I type in SO.64.20.10 and it brought the value that matches your report. But it stores the SO.64.20.10 instead of SO642010.

SO.64.20.10 – Print Labels as oppose to SO642010 – Print Labels which is the correct one for display if you actually did a lookup and select the value from the window.  Now save the Action.  Then publish it again.  Acumatica has noted the issue and write it up.  The problem is as developer you jump ahead and type what you believe it’s correct in the Destination Screen and it accepted the values you type and it redisplay the correct info which you did not have to do a lookup if you know the report number.   The correct way to enter the value in the Destination Screen field is to type in the report name without the periods or do a lookup and select the value from there when you use the search in the lookup window.

Here’s the output of the customized report

Print Labels

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