Thanks to today’s technology, employees have more flexibility than ever before. All it takes to work from the kitchen table, hotel room, or coffee shop is a laptop or mobile device and an internet connection, and voila: instant office. That means access to web-based data, files, and various collaboration tools. A corporate work-from-anywhere policy and cloud-based software seals the deal—and it’s easy to see why, for innovative companies, remote working is far more than a trend.

Consider these statistics about remote and mobile workers:

Whether an employee is office-based or field-based—or anywhere in between—they increasingly expect to have easy access to the tools they need to perform their daily tasks. It’s no wonder this expectation is helping shape software implementation decisions, making cloud-based business systems a popular choice. Let’s take a closer look at how these solutions empower remote and mobile employees:

Enabling On-the-Go Productivity

Cloud-based software, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Acumatica, and NetSuite, can be easily configured for secure access from any connected device—anytime and anywhere. Employees can log into their software from the web browser on their laptop or mobile device, at the office or at home. They don’t have to connect special cables or dial into a VPN to tap into the same information as their counterparts across the country or around the world.

It’s the on-the-go value that professionals appreciate, especially when they’re waiting at at the airport, working from a client’s location, or housebound due to inclement weather. ConnectSolutions’s Remote Collaborative Worker Survey reveals that 77% of employees report greater productivity when working remotely. That’s because there’s nothing stopping them from logging into their software to review customer or vendor data, run reports, or collaborate with coworkers. They’re not putting bottlenecks in workflows and impeding team progress because they’re en route to a conference or need to handle a personal issue outside of the office for an afternoon. In short, disconnection is no longer a barrier for getting work done, because with their cloud-based software, they’re always connected to the information they need most.

For the mobile technician or sales person, they can get more done while serving customers—without keeping customers waiting while they make phone calls to the office. They have the detailed information they need to manage opportunities, right at their fingertips. Learn more in Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Field Services Business.

Boosting Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Studies show that the flexibility to work from home—or on the road—is connected to higher levels of employee satisfaction and a healthier work/life balance. The ConnectSolutions’s Remote Collaborative Worker Survey reveals 53% of employees report that working remotely reduces stress, 45% report better sleep, 35% say they exercise more, and 42% have healthier diets. What’s more, Global Workplace Analytics data found that 95% of employers believe telework has a high impact on employee retention.

Convenient, web-based software helps keep employees connected—to the company and each other. This is important, especially to remote workers and those who spend a majority of their work hours on the road or out in the field and may tend to feel isolated or disconnected from others. Cloud-based tools allow coworkers to share information and collaborate, often within the application itself, no matter where they’re working. And since the data they’re accessing reflects real-time activity, remote and mobile workers aren’t experiencing a delay in insights or waiting around for email communications or phone calls to keep them up-to-date.

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